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  1. The stadium is in an industrial area so not alot of accomodation around there. You could go for Air BNB. Alot of people are staying in the CBD as there are trains that go to the stadium train stop and a 10 minute walk . Lots of food place in the CBD
  2. Can someone help on how to track this as the link i got with my email doesnt seem to work. keeps telling me that it cant locate the shipment details and keeps telling me to check later. I got my email on the 22 june so its diff over the 24-48 hours to show shipping progress
  3. I got an email as well Maybe they will arrive before my super deluxe dvd
  4. Got it in a mail today. Well should i say dumped on my door step!!!
  5. I got an email on the 22 July saying it has been shipped. The tracking doesnt work!!! I know New Zealand is at the end of the world but to take 20 days to post something thats crazy!!!
  6. You can add my to the list if you like. Have missed it this but maybe next year Im Jan 5th!!!
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