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  1. The stadium is in an industrial area so not alot of accomodation around there. You could go for Air BNB. Alot of people are staying in the CBD as there are trains that go to the stadium train stop and a 10 minute walk . Lots of food place in the CBD
  2. im doing Vancouver, Seattle, San Fran, LA 1 &2, dallas and houston all GA. Coming from NZ so had to make the most of all the travel.
  3. Thanks for that Im checking just about every day so hopefully something will come of it. Cheers
  4. Thats gutting i would love one of your tickets but not sure how we would do it. I had the same problem for the IE tour. I bought tickets for my sister and then she decided that she didnt want to go. Good luck for your job interview. Hope you get the job Cheers Maria
  5. If anyone knows anyone that has a spare GA tickets please let me know as i have a friend who would love to go
  6. Congrats on attending your 30th show. As you said, they've never played that often in in NZ, so where else and how far have you gone? Thanks. I did the first 8 of the IE tour in canada and US and i did Dublin at the end of the IE tour. I did Boston and Melbourne for 360
  7. Where are you from? New Zealand Where are you seats? GA for me. How many U2 shows is this for you? Vancouver will be my 30th show Song on JT you most want to hear? Well been from NZ it should be One Tree Hill but i hear this live when they come to NZ (not very often lol) Probably Red Hill Mining Town as this will be the first time it will be played live
  8. here's me with my favourite t shirt and pic here in New zealand
  9. Can someone help on how to track this as the link i got with my email doesnt seem to work. keeps telling me that it cant locate the shipment details and keeps telling me to check later. I got my email on the 22 june so its diff over the 24-48 hours to show shipping progress
  10. I got an email as well Maybe they will arrive before my super deluxe dvd
  11. why the price difference where you get it from?? $125 US if you get it from the U2.COM website or $300 AUD if you get it from the universal website. I know there is a currency conversion but double plus!!! i dont think so!!!
  12. We still havent had it in New Zealand Luckly it was on You Tube so i got to see it on there
  13. I was wondering that as well. Would be keen. Coming from New Zealand
  14. Still waiting for my tickets but im in New Zealand so i will probably get mine last
  15. Got it in a mail today. Well should i say dumped on my door step!!!
  16. I got an email on the 22 July saying it has been shipped. The tracking doesnt work!!! I know New Zealand is at the end of the world but to take 20 days to post something thats crazy!!!
  17. I hope they periscope it . I would love to be there but its abit far from NZ to get there and saving my funds for when the boys hopefully come down our way.
  18. I did VIP in phoenix and i got this book as well. It seems abit strange that you got a travel pillow!!! I hope you get this sorted
  19. It will be nice to have the subscriber vinyl for the collection when it finally arrives!!!
  20. Ive got most of the albums on vinyl. I just bought off ebay (and paid way too much )a Record Store Day Songs of Innocence. I have a few singles as well
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