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  1. Dear U2, Principle Management, Live Nation, U2.Com, I send you this message today on behalf of the paid subscribers of U2.com. Recently, many of us have become dissatisfied with the way that the website is run. When U2 partnered with Live Nation in 2008, Bono said "With regards to U2.com, we feel we've got a great website, but we want to make it a lot better. We want a closer, more direct relationship between the band and its audience and Live Nation has pledged to help us with that." However, since the commencement of that partnership many fans have begun to feel ostracized from the band.
  2. well it's not just tickets, it's also flights, hotels etc. I sacrificed my free time and my days off by getting a 2nd job to pay for it all so for a while I was working a 7 day week. I also didn't buy myself anything apart from essentials like food for months, I gave up my social life for a while and stopped going to the pub . Well worth it though, 6 shows last year and 7 this coming summer! I am going through it all again now and have a 2nd job again but I'm hoping to have eveything paid for soon so I can get my life back a bit. the way I see it, we are totally spoilt to be getting this t
  3. bah! I give up I have registered as a user and had tickets in the basket 6 times now and each time I go to proceed I get a message about cookies, I have enables all cookies, macros and popups and still iyt's not working!! It's infuriating!!
  4. has anybody reported actually managing to get tickets yet?
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is getting silly now. I'm going to get fired for being on the internet too long!!
  6. I met him, got about 10 minutes one to one, nobody else around apart from Ali and one of their friends! I said mm I dont know what to say, he said how do you think I felt when I met the pope? Then the coversation flowed- awesome!
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