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  1. Plan? The plan is buy buy buy But with only 2 tickets for each - how do those of you who go to multible concerts manage that? And do we need a Ticket Master registration for Europe like in the US?
  2. Didn't have the nerves to wait any longer so I just renewed my subscription. Just in case. But as I read these posts, it is not necessary for me to create an American Ticketmaster account, as I am not interested in US concerts?
  3. As the subscription is only valid for a year, and we might not get a presale before January, I think you will have to renew at some point before the European presale. I am in the same situation
  4. But as an European fan do we have to do it now or wait - I guess all the info right now (and the November deadline) is for US, right?
  5. Good question!! I'm looking forward for an answer as well, I have Group D as well. I already have my presale code, but I don't know when to use it.
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