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  1. 4129 Am I alone here?? I just baked a strawberry pie and have to eat it all by myself if you don't help me.....
  2. 4128 Hi Frankaz, Sounds nice, are you celebrating something?
  3. 4127 Hi Polly, I visited Dublin last month and loved it!!! We stayded at Ariel house and Townhouse, I think they were more like guesthouses (not hotels) but I liked them both and they were pretty inexpensive too. Ariel House was a bit far from centre but train station was next to the hotel and the breakfast was so good so it was worth it We went for a daytrip to the west coast and Cliffs of Moher, seeing some countryside was amazing too
  4. 4125 Good luck with your mammogram Janette!! I'm sure everything is ok! And enjoy your holiday *dancing bananas*
  5. 4124 Hi all, hope everyone has had a good weekend
  6. 3373 Welcome back Kerti, great to see you in again. Spare dancing banana's and happy smilies here:) http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/26493-zoo-smilies-and-gifs-please-add-yours/ 3043 Thanks for the link Anj! But I didn't find any bananas, your posts were "empty"...? Either I'm blind or the bananas are gone...
  7. 3042 Good morning everyone, I'm wide awake!! And for a chance, it's warm and sunny in the north! My favourite time of the year! Thanks for a warm welcome girls Janette the margaritas sound great, too bad I missed them!! Next time I'll come and have some drinks with you
  8. 3367 Hi all, it's been a long while since I've been here, but it's great to see the counting still goes on!! How is everyone doing??? The Zoo looks pretty different and I have to get myself back on track again! One important question - where are the dancing bananas????????
  9. 63987 Hi all I've missed you all - hope everyone is ok!!! It's been a beautiful day (for a change) here We went for a cruise on a sailing ship with my work mates - a nice and very exceptional working day! I think your rain is coming over here... tomorrow only rain, clouds and wind says the forecast...
  10. 63970 Hi all and bye all - I'm off to a meeting... Wishing a nice day to everyone
  11. Thanks Sue for remembering... you're so sweet! I had a beautiful day... hope you had too. Love the pic - they are so hot!!!
  12. I'm going to see Bruce in July and Kent in June (both in Helsinki)
  13. 62783 I guess something weird is going on again and posts disappear and appear in wrong order...?? Hope you'll have a long summer holiday and some more free time during summer how's the renovation going btw...? Hi Malahide, how are you?
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