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  1. Consider the above a rumor until there's some official confirmation.
  2. This concert was not confirmed until 30 November 2009, displacing Frankfurt's status... 23 days to go
  3. When U2's 2010 European tour dates were announced on 24 September 2009, the Frankfurt concert on 10 August 2010 was given as the opening night of the leg... in 23 days
  4. I won't be in Italie but i will be on my computer watching every reported details like the set list or all what we can find on the internet (if we are lucky we also may have an audio broadcast live like last year in Poland via the german website... I will follow all the shows wherever they are ... as a lot of us thank you internet for giving us this great life
  5. They 're recording new songs ..
  6. [quote name='Claire T wrote: actarus']they forgot to reschedule N Y They weren't doing one in NY were they? just NJ yes thank you i couldn't find it ..
  7. they forgot to reschedule N Y
  8. The 2010 European tour begins as scheduled on August 6th in Turin... in 24 days
  9. The North American Tour rescheduled dates, are confirmed as follows: May 21 Denver, CO Invesco Field (formerly June 12/10) May 24 Salt Lake City, UT Rice Eccles Stadium (formerly June 3/10) June 01 Edmonton, AB Commonwealth Stadium (formerly June 23/10) June 04 Seattle, WA Qwest Field (formerly June 20/10) June 07 Oakland, CA McAfee Coliseum (formerly June 20/10) June 17 Anaheim, CA Angels Stadium (formerly June 6/10) June 18 Anaheim, CA Angels Stadium (formerly June 7/10) June 26 East Lansing, MI Spartan Stadium at MSU (formerly June 30/10) June 29 Miami, FL *Sun Life
  10. good camaraderie is essential for that i 'll take care of y'all
  11. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: Zhivvy wrote: actarus wrote: Zhivvy']But Spicy, I do admire you for trying to reach out to someone, and letting them have the chance to explain themselves. I do so hope that this was all a misunderstanding, and that he may have apoplogised about it all. As i come here to love U2 and have fun, not to argue and name call - that is not what it should be on here. let's bring the love back! i agree Spicy is admirable and i definitely apologise for the hurt. I 'll do that i 'll bring the love back Thank you Actarus - let's make this a good place to be! But
  12. i agree Spicy is admirable and i definitely apologise for the hurt. I 'll do that i 'll bring the love back
  13. The case will instead go ahead in the High Court ..
  14. they don't give anyone any news ... that's so sad
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