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    Music, MTB, Movies, travel, great coffee and socializing in general.
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    War / The Unforgetable Fire
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    11 O'Clock Tick Tock / Vertigo
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    1987-06-06 Sweden, Gothenburg, Eriksberg Shipyard Docks
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    2017 Amsterdam
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    2015-09-24 Berlin, Germany, Mercedes-Benz Arena
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    Larry for keeping the beat.
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    So many bands, so little time: Kraftwerk, Simple Minds, Ultravox, Depeche Mode

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  1. I got my tickets for the upcoming tour through the fanc club pre sale. It is great value to be a member. However, I tried to get an additional ticket for Berlin for a friend at today's regular ticket sale. I realize these are the hottest tickets in town, but I get sad to see floor tickets being sold at Seatwave 12 minutes after ten at prices ranging from 200-325 EUR. I really dislike ticket scalpers. Ticketmaster should have a price cap on sales through Seatwave. What do you guys think?

    1. Ian_b


      Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve just signed up,so I can get presale tickets. I’ve missed the last few tours because of ticket prices. 

      However, presale start on Wednesday at 10am UK time. Where will most of us be at 10am on Wednesday? Work. So, what’s the chance of me getting tickets? I refuse to pay the scalpers prices.

  2. YES! Got presale tickets for Berlin, Copenhagen and London. Smooth process with all the ticket outlets. I especially appreciated the AXS online waiting room (London) that opened up a few minutes before sales so that I could get in line and pre-register my personal info. That way all of the administration was ready when the ticket sales opened.

  3. I logged on at 9 am and was unable to get Pitch 2 (Front) so I booked Pitch 1. Not sure how many tickets there were for Pitch 2 in the first pre-sale. After all it is Dublin and I am happy to have tickets :-) Enjoy the show everyone
  4. During 360 I think it was worth it. Front row and not too crowded. Back then the tickets were auctioned, but still ended up at a reasonable 120 EURO for me. This time they are fixed price at 300+. I want to see several gigs so I went for regular ones this time. Everyone has a different budget, but for certain it was an experience. Have fun at the gig!
  5. I logged on at 9 am and was unable to get Pitch 2 (Front one) so I had to book pitch 1. Not sure how many tickets there were in the first pre-sale group for Pitch 2. Then again I am thrilled to be going at all. Besides, Dublin = Holy ground :-)
  6. Nope, took a chance a did the google thing. Found an old chart from a Rolling Stones gig. I wanted the pitch so it was more to get an understanding of the entrances.
  7. My first U2 gig was in 1987. Fittingly I get to experience the 30th anniversary of the Joshua Tree too. These are the times I have experienced the band live:

    1. friendsofmusic


      2015-09-24 Berlin, Germany, Mercedes-Benz Arena


      2015-10-13 Antwerp, Belgium, Sportpaleis


      2010-08-15 Denmark, Horsens, Casa Arena


      2009-08-01 Sweden, Gothenburg, Ullevi Arena


      1993-07-27 Denmark, Copenhagen, Gentofte Stadium


      1987-06-06 Sweden, Gothenburg, Eriksberg Shipyard Docks

    2. gigmaster


      my 1st live was as support @ Slane '81

      to Thin Lizzy

  8. Elated, scored tickets for the 30th anniversary Joshua Tree Tour for Amsterdam, Berlin and DUBLIN!

    1. vikivikiviki


      So, we can use code for more than one venue?

  9. Hi, My name is Johan and I live in Malmö (Southern Sweden). I'm one of old farts who remember U2 from the early 80's and has listened since then. Cheers /J
  10. Gothenburg, Sweden July 31st 2009. An amazing evening!
  11. Gothenburg, Sweden July 31st 2009. High up in the sky you find the lighting guys who make the show sparkle.
  12. Gothenburg, Sweden July 31st 2009. A fantastic evening!
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