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  1. Actually that is happening, kind of. People who were subscribers before September 9, 2014 are eligible to enter the first round of presale, whereas those who subscribed after will not be able to get presale tix until 24 hours afterward.
  2. Hey folks. Just wanted to do an unscientific survey, perhaps to benefit the people who are lamenting their ticket situation (or lack thereof...) I had a thought as I was waiting over an hour for "less than 3 minutes remaining" that perhaps Firefox (the browser that I used) was part of the problem. Of course, this could have been just sour grapes. In the end I got some 300 level tickets for 130 on "resale," a considerable markup from what I've heard, but close to the going rate if you look for tickets now. For those of you who got the tickets you wanted (first choice, first type
  3. I tried to buy tix for 2 shows with same presale code before I realized that the limit was 2 per presale, not per show. The system told me the code had already been used, so I didn't get the tix. I only have two tickets, so I'm assuming the "no harm/no foul" rule applies?
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