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    1993-06-02 - Frankfurt
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    2010-09-15 - Munich
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    1993-06-02 - Frankfurt
  1. Damn, I renewed in September. So, I will get 3D Dance Mixes. It is every year the same. September is very late.
  2. It's evening 10th September 2010. I'm nervos. Tomorrow! Tomorrow I want to celebrate my birthday with U2 in Zurich. Zurich, over 500 kilometres away. Want to sleep some hours. I lie in the bed. I can't sleep, so nervos. Time does not go by. 11 p.m. I take a shower. A friend will come on 12. a.m. when I have birthday. Now 12 a.m., he is there and we have cake and coffee. after my wife and parents have congrulatated me, I will drive to Zurich. 1:30 a.m. Navigation System ready. Here I go, let's drive. I want to be early in Zurich. First row, I want between Edge and Bono. Tune in the Radio, cool Music on the usb-stick. I hear a Radio Show from the BBC, Highlights from the London gig in 2009. Yeah, I love this tour. My 5th 360 Show Begins in a few hours. A short stop at a gas Station near from Stuttgart. Eating, Smoking and refuel. 7 a.m. Hello Zurich. I'm there. Where is the Stadium? Ahh, there are fans. Asking them where I can park the car. Okay. 7:30 a.m. hurry up to the Stadium. There where 20 or 25 fans. I have a folding chair in one Hand, a bag with water and Sweets in the other. Oh, there is a gate open. I go in. On my right side security-mens. They look at me, but they talk to each other. Marcel, be cool. They think that I am a worker for drinks or something. Yes, Mission complete. It is 7:45 a.m. and I sit in the Stadium. I'm thirsty. Okay, some water. Calling my father in Germany. Then I take some Pictures and a short Video of the empty Stadium. Now I go to the GA and the stage. Nobody is there, only a motorist and his trucks. I go to the restrooms, because I had drunken to much water. Should I stay here until the gates are open? Too much chemical smell here, puh, and it's getting warm. I left the door. A security-man Keep me. What am I doing here? I say, that I want to the concert and Show him my ticket. He is very angry. Go out of the Stadium, he said. Then I go out of the Stadium. The security-Boss grumbles to the other security-mens at the gate of the Stadium. 8:15 a.m. I am at the other fans. Now waiting. My folding chair and my bag are still in the Stadium. Damn, nothing to drink. Still waiting. 3:45 p.m. the gates are open. Taking the legs in the Hands and go, run, run :-) Well done. Breathing, breathing. Yeah, I am in the first row. Great to see One Republic, the sunset, and now U2. Wicked birthday to stand in the first row between The Edge and Bono, especially when Bono says "Happy New Year" during "where the streets have no Name". He sees my t-shirt with the sentence "Today!!! My Birthday-Party!!!" Unforgettable Birthday-Party. Thank you very much U2 !!!!! There's only one Thing, what would be the greatest in my life. Meet the Band with a small talk, taking Pictures and get autographes. Maybe someday!
  3. Marcel76


    oh it looks like me, when i was 25 years. this is, as i look in the mirror, wow.
  4. this may not be true, grrrrr. i spent the last 4 days in berlin. watching the east side gallery. visited the meistersaal (hansa studio) and some other locations, where u2 spent their time in berlin. boah, when will i meet bono. everytime it is so just..... grrr, potsdam so,so,so close to berlin. i think that this is like "catch me if you can". hey bono: "i think you should visit me". this is easier. when will i meet my favourite idols? in this life, i think never :-(
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