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  1. Happy birthday Bono. Hope you have had a great day.
  2. I think there's a high likelihood that it will get played at Glastonbury! It would be madness if they don't play it. Perhaps they might even start with it? Would be a fantastic song to kick off with.
  3. Yes, I'm sure Daphne would have known. Pretty good on music, Daphne.
  4. The song Glastonbury: is this a brilliant song or what? I absolutely love it and can't stop singing it! How can a band continually come up with one classic song after another? It kind of follows on from Vertigo and Get On Your Boots. Up tempo and brilliant. One of the best things they've done, in my opinion!
  5. U2 question on Eggheads, BBC2 tonight: Music round: "Who is regarded as being the founding member of U2 having placed an advert for musicians on his school noticeboard in 1976?". The options were Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen Jr. The Egghead (Kevin) went for The Edge!! Now this guy is very, very clever and is usually pretty good even when the subject is music. Not so good this time though!
  6. Yes, I know this is a U2 forum, but I was interested to hear if anyone else was a fan not only of U2 but Simple Minds as well. I've seen them live a good few times myself and have been a fan of them as long as I have U2. Looking forward to seeing them live again in June. A number of years back it would be fair to say that they were on a par with U2. Selling lots of records and playing stadiums. But for some reason they haven't continued as U2 have. Not really sure why. I recall back in the 80's seeing them in front of 45,000 at Milton Keynes Bowl, selling out a number of nights at num
  7. They play at a venue called Conkers in Derbyshire most years, but I don't think they are this year. It' great venue and they play outside in an amphitheatre. However, I have just read that the original 'Bono' from U2UK will be playing at Conkers in September with U2 Experience! Believe me - this guy is good. And that's coming from a die-hard U2 fan. He really does do Bono justice and gives it everything. I'm sure this will be pretty good to say the least. U2UK would be a brilliant band in their own right, but performing U2 material just makes it that bit special. They generally foll
  8. Has anyone seen the tribute band U2UK? They are UK-based, hence the name U2UK, and they are very, very good. I was a bit sceptical about going to see them a few years back as how on earth can any band pay tribute to U2 and all that. But they were absolutely brilliant. It was a small venue, the first time I saw them, absolutely packed and a brilliant atmosphere. They don't just play a back catalogue of U2 songs but perform a spot-on tribute to them. The 'Bono' at the time had all his mannerisms etc and I was really impressed. I thnik they've got a different 'Bono' now. I've seen them a
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