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  1. Were they creative in their new look... a shorter M... for a shorter world, maybe? Does this mean the channel has short man syndrome (SMS)? Look at it... it's now a stocky short fella who has height issues: He wants to go out with the celebrities he promotes: He didn't get any advice from anyone in the "know". He just redesigned himself, remarketed himself and now wants us all to creat a tagline for him. There is only one tagline that would suit him: Mini TransVestite.
  2. thanks thanks thanks. Sorry for the delay in reply, my computer is acting up tonight. I'm not sure what is up with it.
  3. I wrote a whole lot in response to that comment zhivvy but u2.com is a bit annoying tonight.... So, let me recap: Sex for me would be less complicated. My choice of wine would be a red from the Valpolicella region of Italy. For rock and roll, I wouldn't mind either U2, Radiohead, R.E.M., or Pearl Jam... or even the whole lot together doing a rendition of "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" lol
  4. oooh thank you girls! ;-) I'll have a drambuie and a box of matches zhivvy. Thanks!
  5. The rat? Cool. Are you mad? It was crazy big thing, easily offended. It wasn't like i went out of my way to hit it in the nose!
  6. I think this is definitely my very first virtual surprise birthday party! ;-)
  7. lol girls... nice pic babs.... that's what I'm talking about .... ooooh yeah! ;-)
  8. Busy with the leggy girls? Not at all. I'm not trying to be flirtatious at all... sure most of the women are married on here... and the rest, well I'm not sure what they are at! ;-)
  9. [quote name='nazhira wrote: Anjana'] BC, I would be interested to know what dubious substance you smoked just before your birthday to provoke that dream!! LOL JA No drugs required guys. I was just hanging out on the tips of my brain cells
  10. J B. Best of luck with your wish. I just wish I could make my only wish come true: End war forever.
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