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  1. Received my confirmation mail on 12.06. The DVD arrive today. Much easier then previous years. Tracking number worked for me partially. It showed the route of the shipment till it left USA and then stopped for 10 days. When the DVD entered Bulgaria, tracking showed it again: 06/28/2020 11:29 A.M. Bulgaria Package arrived at international carrier 06/18/2020 3:15 A.M. United States Package departed international carrier facility 06/17/2020 8:46 P.M. United States Package processed by international carrier 06/17/2020 8:00 P.M. Edgewood, NY, United States Package transferred to post office 06/17/2020 12:24 P.M. EDGEWOOD, NY, United States Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility 06/16/2020 4:04 P.M. EDGEWOOD, NY, United States Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations 06/12/2020 6:31 P.M. United States Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations
  2. I've done it, mich40. I'll let you know if/when they answer me. Thanks!
  3. I just renew my subscription. Something strange occurred: I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and my postal code is 1404. So, it must be: "Sofia 1404". And it always was like that in my previous resubscriptions. But now it automatically changed and my delivery address for the new gift is "Sofia 23 1404". If I look in "My account" on my profile - it is still "Sofia 1404". Anybody else have the same problem?
  4. Well, this bit aired in Bulgaria and we have the same time (72 minutes) as Hungary
  5. Sorry if it is posted somewhere else in the forum, I tried to find it, but I couldn't. Regarding this news: https://www.u2.com/news/title/u2-experence-live-in-berlin Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia are watching 72 minutes version. For the rest 13 countries it is 75 minutes version. For USA - it is not written what they got. So what is it? Mistake? If not - what is in these 3 minutes difference and why exactly these 4 countries get shortest version?
  6. The most stupid thing regarding process of shipping the gift, is that these two CD's are made in Czech Republic. Then they go somewhere in USA. And then they go again to Europe. Which is totally bullshit
  7. So, situation with me is as follow (hope that this can help to anybody) 01 November - I received e-mail from U2.com regarding my gift 08 November - EDGEWOOD, NY, United States, Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations 11 November - EDGEWOOD, NY, United States, Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility 12 November - Edgewood, NY, United States, Package transferred to post office 13 November - United States, Package processed by international carrier 13 November - United States, Package departed international carrier facility 02 December - Bulgaria, Package arrived at international carrier Today - I pick up my gift from post station in Sofia, Bulgaria (but probably it was already there from 03 or 04 December).
  8. I checked it using link to UPS.com site, with my tracking number. I've got this link and my tracking number from mail which I received from U2.com.
  9. Is there anybody here from Europe, whose gift is already shipped? Mine is still with status "Order Processed: Ready for UPS. Estimated Delivery: When the shipment arrives at our facility the delivery date will be updated."
  10. Can somebody explain me this please: I am part of U2.com subscription from at least 5-6 years. Every time when U2.com send me my gift it is WITHOUT tracking number. Every time it is with standard mail. Till today - this morning I received mail about my 2019 gift WITH tracking number. Why it is different now (not that I am complaining)?
  11. I think that nobody cares that you will sell your ticket. Well, except the guy that will buy it - he will be very lucky, I am sure. It's the same as nobody in Europe cares about your Brexit anymore. It's your decision - do whatever you want. Exactly like U2 - they want to wave the EU flag. No matter what you, Farage or whoever from England think about it. So, chill out. Or simply sell your ticket. At least you will make someone very happy And by the way, I don't mean to offend you. In that case I am just extremely honest about this situation.
  12. How many tickets can I buy in the presale for U2eiTour European dates?U2.com Subscribers can use their presale code to buy up to 2 tickets in one transaction for one show. http://www.u2.com/help
  13. I buy 2 tickets on presale for the concert on 12 October. So, today I was trying to buy 1 ticket for the concert on 11 October. I was in the site exactly at 10:00 and there were only the most expensive tickets. Everything else was sold out/missing. In 10:00.
  14. I see that there are some Italian speaking members of the forum here. So, please, can somebody tell me what exactly this means: Parterre in Piedi Not that I can't translate it with Google translator, but I prefer somebody who knows Italian to tell me what is the exact translation. Thanks!
  15. I cannot find any "redeem date" there. But I found this: "Your order was placed at: May 3, 2017 11:04 PM Pacific" I don't know if this is the same thing. Hope that this helps you.
  16. Yes, I am serious. The story with my 2016 gift (Set of 4 Serigraph Prints) is as follow: 1. When I resubscribe for 2016, they send me my gift (at least this is what they said to me by mail). I don't know when it was. Something like the end of 2016, beginning of 2017. I don't remember. I didn't receive anything. 2. I write to them to send me again my gift, because I didn't received it. They send it to me again (at least this is what they said to me by mail). I don't remember when it was. Again, I didn't received anything. 3. I started conversation with them in 2017, regarding my 2016 gift. They insist, that they sand to me my gift 2 times. I insist, that I did't receive anything. In September / October 2017 they write to me, that they will send it again (3rd time). On 1st December 2017 I received mail from them that my order has shipped. 4. I received my 2016 gift today, as I said, with 2017 gift.
  17. - when you resubscribed - 08 February, 2017. - redeemed for the 2017 gift - I don't remember, but it was a long time ago. Months. Maybe 5-6. - did you get an email notification saying it has been sent out - no. - Did you order history say it had been sent out? - when I go to U2.com shop section, on the bottom of the page, from the right side, I see: "My Account / Order Status". When I click on it, I can see my orders. When I click on my order, I can see that it was send to me on 08 February, 2017. - Where in the world do you live? - Bulgaria.
  18. Today (24 January, 2018) I finely received my 2017 gift. Interesting is, that except this, I received one more thing. I am sure that nobody can guess what it is. NOBODY. Well, I will tell you. Again today (24 January, 2018), I received............................. my 2016 gift. Yes, I am talking about the Set of 4 Serigraph Prints. No, I am not joking. Did I mentioned, that today is 24 January, 2018? No comment.
  19. "Pick up at Box Office" cost me 0,00 EUR on TicketOne.it And that is how it should be.
  20. For GA - 75 EUR without taxes. I can not say the price of the rest categories tickets, because I was in a hurry and I wanted just to grab 2 GA tickets. Now I cannot see them anymore, because I already used my code.
  21. The links were on Tour page since I woke up early this morning. Long before presale start. The pick up of the tickets is possible only on the day of the concert and only from the Box Office, which is the venue. At least this is what I read in my confirmation for buying the tickets. Good luck tomorrow!
  22. The easiest and smoothest presale EVER! I was at the link for Milano concert at 10:00 and at 10:01 I had 2 GA tickets. The delivery was too expensive - more than 30 EUR. So I choose "pick up at Box Office" option. There were also some taxes: - presale tax - 11.25 EUR per ticket - service fee - 10.52 EUR per order. Total - 183.02 EUR for 2 tickets.
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