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  1. ah dear Bigwave....missed this.....better log off now tho or the packing for Bonnaroo will not get done today! xo
  2. thank you my dear....besos
  3. Hey Max....did not use all 4 in the first leg so I am guessing I can try for the other 2. Where is my code here now.....cant remember which group I'm in so I can try for tickets while on the road to Bonnaroo.... Muchas Gracias
  4. I am in a good mood, tired but I don't care. I just came back from doing a medical mission in Mexico. Met amazing patients, families, nurses and doctors. Back to work, makes me remember why I do it all. Now I will take my teen to stand in a line to meet and see HER favorite band (she will see mine this summer) this weekend, and I am happy she is as much of a nut head as I am.
  5. hello lovelies, anyone miss the old nurse? Just so busy with work and the kids and school and such. Wishing Lenny K was coming to my shows (I LOVE HIM. okay just had to say that) but I get Interpol in Minneapolis and Philly. Just home from the hair salon, will spend tomorrow lobbying my state legislature with the rest of the state's nurses. should be fun rabble rousing!
  6. ZHIV....WOW....Just read your good news on the house/builders/green space....Yipee!!
  7. I remember my sister doing an essay on U2 when she was in high school, it was when I first learned about the boys (she is 6 years younger than I am....) I am here trying to avoid some writing homework as well, Vertigoed, see it doesn't change when you are an adult going to school. I am writing about the book "The Glass Castle" which is an amazing memoir. I had read it for pleasure, but now have to approach the problems in the book as a nurse, which makes it much less pleasurable. Today is a coffee day. 7F. No beach here....sigh....I'd ring you and head to the beach with u 123....and we'd have the Ipod on full tilt with the windows open..... and the coffee could be iced...oooh like Vietnamese iced coffee..... enough. back to work, right? Right.
  8. yummy Chinese beer with Vietnamese food tonite....we got together with all our friends who traveled to China with us 5 years ago. The girls (they were all babies together in the orphanage) love seeing each other and are so funny together. My wee one is the tallest by a little bit, and it just shocked me.... anyway, the girls are off from school tomorrow, but I have to work. I get Tuesday to myself for schoolwork and clinicals. It just keeps rolling along...
  9. oh I have missed my grrls....been a wild week and weekend. Too much work and school. Oh and of course the kids. Oh and of course the life. Sigh. Did go out and see a one woman show tonight with my bestest friends. It was an improv show and this woman was SO funny, we just laughed till we ached and cried. You know--like when you can't stop laughing and you don't even remember what made you laugh? Oh it was so silly and fun. Watched the Haiti telethon last night, just got the songs on my computer from ITunes tonight. Bono did a great job, and I am a big Jay-Z fan, but I have to say, all the performers just put their all into it you know? And songs I never would have thought of to tie in--when was the last time you thought of Driven to Tears? Amazing song. Hope the money keeps flowing....
  10. hullo friends....been a busy weekend and start to the week. Having some water to make up for the wine and the birthday dinner with my girls from work. we too are happy about the Vikes here in Minnesota! Makes the dull winter a bit less dull....I'd be happy to go to New Orleans for ANY reason!
  11. hullo Zhiv and co. Wish you were back feeling 100%! It should be soon, huh? Off tomorrow, finally. So needed. Trying not to stay up too late tonight so I can enjoy the morning as well. 123 deary, where are you? We made it up to 30F today...felt a little sun on my face....
  12. hullo friends. Ended up working on call all last night, so just waking up now in the MidwestUS. Having a dark chocolate cocoa instead of coffee so I can sleep tonight. LAwoman, I LOVED my old bug too! Just the most reliable car. It was pre hubby and kids tho...now I have a bit of a mom-mobile, goes with the job. Worth getting it fixed tho, they are classic! those kiddo photos are amazing. As the daughter of a wedding photographer, I can say they are among the prettiest winter shots I have ever seen. Might have a bit to do with the models, tho! well, off to shower so I don't offend the folks at the elementary school when I pick up the youngest. Eldest stayed home with a bad tummy today, but she seems to be on the mend....
  13. morning/evening to all the grrls.... just home from dinner with my friend....we had some great red wine, just one glass....still so cold...feel like I could drink tea for days and not get warm.... on call tomorrow night, so I will call it a night for now.....
  14. good nite sweet 123. Hey there bandcompletely...wish I was at a pub, but I am having a glass of wine and a curry, after a long day. re: the big girls bed: bought her an awesome set up at IKEA, a bunkbed with desk under it, etc. Except now she is too tall and bonks her head when she tries to wake up. Has led her to sleep on teh floor, which is not accceptable. Solution needs finding...
  15. morning! safe travels Zhiv, a wedding is always fun...shes at the perfect age.... a day of work ahead, then off tomorrow. Hope to do a bit of yarn shopping with a pal and fix eldests bed tomorrow..Dinner tomorrow night with my U2 pal for her birthday and then a bit of call on Sunday. whew. thats a weekend!
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