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  1. ah dear Bigwave....missed this.....better log off now tho or the packing for Bonnaroo will not get done today! xo
  2. thank you my dear....besos
  3. Hey Max....did not use all 4 in the first leg so I am guessing I can try for the other 2. Where is my code here now.....cant remember which group I'm in so I can try for tickets while on the road to Bonnaroo.... Muchas Gracias
  4. have sent to NY, will have to try Dublin later. Hoping the online fax works as I don't think the job would appreciate my using the fax machine. where is the petition, can't find it on here...help me sign it....mwah to everyone! :hugs:
  5. I am in a good mood, tired but I don't care. I just came back from doing a medical mission in Mexico. Met amazing patients, families, nurses and doctors. Back to work, makes me remember why I do it all. Now I will take my teen to stand in a line to meet and see HER favorite band (she will see mine this summer) this weekend, and I am happy she is as much of a nut head as I am.
  6. Always grateful. Not always happy, but always working on it. Feel blessed to have the love I have in in my life and work I can share to help others (I am a nurse like Barbara1) The bottom line: if you are gonna get up tomorrow, you have the chance to make it better. The other option, as we say out here in Minnesota: Not so much.
  7. just one pic of Jaime and his crew...his party was, erm, quite the scene is my understanding...Fun to see two of our pics from Minneapolis....The young ones really worked hard on their claw model...you can't really see the glow stick effects in the pictures....the two teens pictured knew each other at school, found out they were each fans via t-shirts...then my teen invited the other to the party...her folks are fans, went to Croake Park...and we had not known eachother so now the U2 family has expanded even further....:-)
  8. well, having just watched the blueray, after watching the "regular" dvd, I can tell u the blueray is FAR superior! I gotta get a bluray and HD set up. someday.
  9. well, I am still crispy from being so amped after throwing the Minneapolis party. While we didn't have too many folks attend, so many folks who are holding tickets for TCF got a kick out of all the things I told them about--and my favorite surgeons who are also big fans (and had auctioned thier extra tickets for charity) got surprised by their favorite nurse with t-shirts and posters today while operating!!!! Can't wait for you to see the claw the teens built---its a beauty! Thanks to Baja and U2.com for a really good excuse to avoid writing my final paper! Beth
  10. Twin Cities---I know you are out there....I haven't done a FB page (working on a final paper) but just message me here, or follow me @U2Nurse and message me there..... Just looked at my calendar with the TCF show still circled in red. Snif. Who else needs just a little hit???
  11. Hi folks---I am hosting in Minneapolis. I will put up a facebook event page, but feel free to message me here for an invite...
  12. this nurse wants you to follow doctor's orders....I know its not the usual thing for a rock star, but this is kind of important stuff, okay? my sister and my bff and I have been looking forward to our summer with you---we will just have to do it next summer.... peace and love and healing. Beth
  13. hello lovelies, anyone miss the old nurse? Just so busy with work and the kids and school and such. Wishing Lenny K was coming to my shows (I LOVE HIM. okay just had to say that) but I get Interpol in Minneapolis and Philly. Just home from the hair salon, will spend tomorrow lobbying my state legislature with the rest of the state's nurses. should be fun rabble rousing!
  14. okay. I have to know I am NOT the only U2 JEW on the planet. As in people who believe in G-d, the word of G-d, the Torah, the Bible, and a lot of other things. I deeply respect the faith the boys have, and the history they have discussed in their writings. I also feel great love for the connection Bono has made on stage, said on stage, many times: All Brothers of Abraham. So lets not decide what its REALLY all about for anyone other than ourselves. COEXIST. Please. Thanks
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