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  1. Hi!  I'm coming in to Chicago Monday night and going to the Tuesday night show at the United Center.  I've never been to that venue before.  I've also been spoiler-free for this tour (though I did watch the DVD of the last leg).

    Any GA line-up tips for United Center?  Where's the line, what's the process, etc.?

    Advice on the best place to be on the floor?  I'm torn between being close to the stage and being able to see the awesome production stuff on the big screens...



  2. 15 hours ago, amauerbach said:

    As far as I can tell, they did not release a single extra ticket for the 2nd presale group. I've been a fan club member for years, and only ended up in the Innocence group because I forgot to renew in time. I was lucky enough to get "verified" - though who cares when there is not a single GA or Red Zone ticket available for our presale group. So absurd. Seriously - did anyone in the Innocence group get GA or Red Zone? Such a farce! After demanding an extra $40 for a membership that is still active just to have the chance to participate in this presale. The whole way they're doing the sales this time around is bound to alienate tons of long term fans. Nicely done, U2. Thanks for nothing.

    I was in the Innocence group (12+ year subscriber who accidentally let my subscription lapse a few years ago) and was able to get GA tickets in Atlanta pretty easily.  I actually really screwed up the buying process - grabbed reserved seats by mistake, and then couldn't figure out how to get them out of my cart (on the AXS website on my phone), but eventually was able to get a couple of GAs.

    It seems like they release a small percentage of the tickets into each presale group (a sampling of the inventory throughout the venue).  It also seems like they don't drop it all at once, for some reason.  For the JT tour, I was initially unable to get GA, but then was able to get some maybe 15-20 minutes later, either due to more inventory becoming available or due to early buyers throwing them back into the pool (but it seemed like the former).

    I think the lack of transparency about how all of these processes work (verification, code lottery, ticket release method) is contributing to the frustration for a bunch of people who are already super worked up about the whole thing.  All parties involved could do a better job of communicating - if we knew exactly what kind of system we were getting into, we might not like it, but at least we'd not be surprised by what's going on.


  3. I haven’t been able to follow all the discussion on the problems this time around, but my gut feeling is that two things are getting conflated - being “verified” as a non-scalper (the algorithm deciding who can buy tickets) and getting a code through the lottery.

    Maybe I’m just trying to make sense where there is none, but it doesn’t seem like not getting a code after being “verified” means that Ticketmaster decided that you were a scalper, it means that you aren’t a scalper but just didn’t win the lottery.

    The fact that not all U2 members got a code this time sucks, and it doesn’t seem like that was communicated clearly, but maybe the scalper verification thing helped in that regard?  (Not to say there aren’t a lot of tickets on the secondary market, but maybe they were bought by people who appeared to be fans to the algorithm?)



  4. So it seems like people are getting an e-mail saying that "you are successfully signed up for the program" (which apparently just means you're in the lottery), so when you get a follow-up message, it may contain a code or a rejection.  Is there an actual mistake happening in the communication, or did we just not understand how the new program was supposed to work?  (Just trying to understand what's going on so I'll know what to expect tomorrow...)


  5. 4 minutes ago, hhayes9009 said:

    What a mess.

    Same as it ever was, unfortunately.  As much as I love U2, these presales (and the GA lines to get into shows) are always complete fiascos.

    I'm in the Innocence group and hope to get a code tomorrow, but the 2-tier system seems pretty ridiculous if people in the higher tier don't get a code and people in the lower tier do.


  6. Man, I really hoped this line would be simple as was reported here yesterday, without all this super-secret fan line stuff and nobody at the stadium knowing what their actual system should be.

    I flew in from Atlanta for this, and I've got friends coming in from Austin tomorrow.  I was going to get a number at 6 tomorrow and then pick them up and line up at 2 as was the original stated system, but it sounds like that's out the window.  Since they can't be there at 6 in the morning, is there any reason for me to go down there?  If we just show up after lunch when they get to town, are we basically stuck with wherever we end up and line and forced to stay there for the rest of the day?

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