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  1. is it only the standing tickets that are paperless?
  2. Thanks Anjana and were you sitting or standing/ they didn't check ours fro London or Vancouver and we were sitting
  3. Hi just wondering how strict the ticket checks are Ive been to Vancouver and london but on my own purchased tickets. Travelling to Glasgow but using tickets from a friend who couldnt make the show. I know for our standing tickets i received an email prior to the gig saying vaild ID needed pruchaser must be present etc. Afraid to risk the trip and money for disappointment Thanks in advance for you help and advice
  4. new years eve again would be great ...
  5. Very easily done and great a money maker I don't know why it hasn't been done yet Robbie Williams did it on his last tour!
  6. the sound in the 3 arena is ALWAYS terrible, I shudder when I band I like is playing there- it is our worst venue by far massive pro though is it is small, so no matter if you are standing or seating you will b close to the stage, especially with the layout re-jig. some areas aren't going to have great view of the screen-walkway but its been like that in every venue so far this tour but I haven't been disappointed yet
  7. Mine is the same wont feel relaxed until it shows. I got my presale tickets Thursday and it the debit showed immediately then was trying for general sale this morning- and the previous transaction had disappeared. now my tickets from this morning are showing but not my presale debit - sick with the nerves
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