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  1. My code just came through as well. Fingers crossed this resolves things for everyone.
  2. Except the general onsale is Verified Fan as well. I don't have a burner phone to give them a different number to send the code. I can't be the only one who doesn't carry multiple phones with them?
  3. I also got the 'lottery' line. But if it's a question of restricting supply, why aren't they making sure the Experience group is taken care of first? I'm really upset about the presale, but am more worried now that TM thinks there's something suspicious about my account and I won't get general onsale access. I've tried to be open-minded and optimistic about the Verified Fan process as I've had it work well with other bands before... but this is nonsense.
  4. I have done. I've also DMd TM and U2.com. But might as well keep reminding them how extensive this problem is.
  5. Keep trying. It took me over an hour but I got through (and am now on hold).
  6. Yep. Account page says setup complete and that I'm in the experience group (I imagine this is the same for the above poster as well). I got the Experience presale e-mail. Then about twenty minutes ago I got an email saying I was given access in error and I can apply for a refund if I want. I can only assume the fact that I have gone to multiple shows in the past makes them think I'm a scalper? But I've never scalped tickets. I just like going to gigs.
  7. I just received this message as well, after being told everything was set and I was in the Experience group. I've maintained my membership to U2.com since Vertigo. I'm absolutely flummoxed as to why I'm now being told I can't participate in the pre-sale (especially given that all of the literature on the site says this is a benefit of membership) and why I'm only hearing about it 9 hours before my presale is supposed to start.
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