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  1. Our pitch collector tickets have arrived . My surname is printed on the back. I'm assuming that I wont have to bring my passport with me as that could be a bit of a pain. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. I've ordered the lanyard collector tickets, still waiting for them to arrive
  3. Iv just checked with my Red Hill presale code . GA Pitch 2 , not available GA Pitch 1 AVAILABLE Be warned , if you try for Pitch 2 and there are none available it will offer you 76 euro seats, NOT GA Pitch 1 tickets . Good luck tomorrow
  4. Back in the Nineties I’d been to a few TV studio recordings to see bands that I liked; such as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Wonder Stuff and The Mission, appear on TFI Friday, The Word and Rock Steady. I loved those bands and I frequently saw them in club sized venues. U2 on the other hand have always been huge and they have always been my favourite band, they don’t small gigs really do they? So it was with great excitement late on Thursday night they I discovered that I had won a place in the U2 TFI Friday Ballot for myself and a friend and I was going to have to change a few plans for the next day and get to London. My friend and I arrived at the studios quite early and after checking off names and ID, we were given purple wristbands and told to come back by 7pm, off to the pub it was then although only for one as I didn’t want to have to find a toilet during a live TV Broadcast. When we reached the pub we found a few more people who were going that had red wristbands, what did the colours mean we wondered? When we got back to the outside the studio and met up with Bigwave and a few other U2 fans, we discovered that they all had purple wristbands on too .The door staff told us that we should join the back of the long queue but also that we would all be called up early to enter as we were the completion winners, These purple bands gave us priority.. After a bit of confusion from the stewards we were called up early and we went in to the studio and managed to grab spots all around the stage, wow that was a tiny stage. After some introductions from the warm up guy and lots of TV crew running around the place, at 8pm U2 appeared silently on the stage in front of us and the show’s familiar theme music played out as we watched the titles on a huge monitor. Chris Evans said a few words, we all cheered , cameras moved through the air, the band started up and before I knew it I had Bono two feet away from me live on TV and I was singing my heart out to Raised By Wolves and wondering if I looked like an idiot grinning away on everyone’s TV. The four minutes of the song flew by and we were soon being shuffled backwards so that the catwalk stage could be removed. A couple of other bands played: Slaves were one of them, they were impressive , I saw Bono keenly watching them from the guest balcony, a lot of other musicians of his standing probably wouldn’t have been doing that . Take That were another of the support bands, they played one song, they have never been my cup of tea but their more recent work has caught my ear as being credible competent pop musicians, so far from how they were twenty three years ago though. U2 were interviewed upstairs although I will have to watch my TV recording to find out what they said as it was quite noisy in the studio. Fifty minutes after it all started , the TV crew were moving us around a bit and U2’s catwalk stage extension was brought back , no mean feat by the crew as they did this in a huge crowd with little spare time. The lads came back on and we were treated Vertigo during which I became aware that it was nearly 9pm and show finish time. U2 stayed on stage, the cameras carried on rolling and we had Song For Someone and Out Of Control, all for the extended Saturday night edition of the show. It was an amazing night, I never ever dreamed that I would get to see U2 play a “gig” this small , I never thought I would be a couple of feet away from them , I still can’t really believed that it happened , Thank you U2 TFI Friday and Zootopia for making this happen , I hope that they can give us fans the chance to do something again.
  5. Update : please close thread I've found a ticket
  6. I am buying, I need a ticket for myself
  7. Thank you , unfortunately I can only make it on Saturday 17th
  8. Can you confirm which night this is for please - Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th ? Thank you
  9. From the above "Seated/Standing: €33.50 - €191.00 + fees" Can anyone confrm what the whtt prices are in the intermediate bands pleas? Cat D seats €33.50 Cat C Seats ???? Cat B Seats ???? Cat A Seats €191.00 GA ????? Many Thanks
  10. You do know that's far too commonsensical to actually be done don't you? Sounds great though! Thanks
  11. When it comes to cities that might be easier to get tickets for , I would suggest somewhere that has four nights perhaps . If you want to see the sights , Paris probably wins whilst Barcelona and Turin have the weather, All depends what you like apart frpom U2
  12. I think that the best thing that they can do now to rescue this mess is: Re-instate all of the unused presale codes Announce 4 gigs at the Three Arena in December Play the gigs fully electric on a traditional stage with no video background
  13. I can meet up with you before the gig and go in with you.
  14. Any use to you guys? some of the songs such as All I want Is You and California have appeared at different places in the show, so its not easy to represent them exactly . I put these out on twitter after each show , look for @markpeterboro or #setlistgeek if you want to see them after future gigs.
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