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  1. will there be more general admission being made available in the public sale?  how could it sell out in the first presale?

    1. RebekahMathis


      Wondering the same question. I've been trying all day.


  2. Thank you so much to everyone for all the input!! I think I'm gonna go for it. I think it will be way different than the reserved seating route and I'm looking forward to experiencing it. (Experiencing... Lol)
  3. I have been to several U2 concerts but never in general admission. I have a couple questions I would love help with... Price - usually what is price for GA - my venue lists prices from like $40 to $325 - any idea where GA would fall in there? Availability - Does GA usually sell out? Wondering if there is any benefit to doing presale if I am getting GA. I think the stage set up lends itself to a great GA experience without having to get there hours and hours early to wait in line. Thanks for any help and advice!!
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