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  1. will there be more general admission being made available in the public sale?  how could it sell out in the first presale?

    1. RebekahMathis


      Wondering the same question. I've been trying all day.


  2. Thank you so much to everyone for all the input!! I think I'm gonna go for it. I think it will be way different than the reserved seating route and I'm looking forward to experiencing it. (Experiencing... Lol)
  3. I have been to several U2 concerts but never in general admission. I have a couple questions I would love help with... Price - usually what is price for GA - my venue lists prices from like $40 to $325 - any idea where GA would fall in there? Availability - Does GA usually sell out? Wondering if there is any benefit to doing presale if I am getting GA. I think the stage set up lends itself to a great GA experience without having to get there hours and hours early to wait in line. Thanks for any help and advice!!
  4. So nice to wake up to my wonderful u2.com email with my code (:
  5. I'm trying to go to sleep and two phrases keep going through my head... "Twas the night before pre-sale..." and "while visions of presale codes danced through their heads"... I'm so delirious I'm making myself lol. Good night!
  6. it does help tons to know everyone is still waiting. Thanks!
  7. No code here... should be in experience group. Nothing on tours page either. Don't know why they gave themselves only 24 hours to get this done. Seems like they are asking for trouble. Hopefully it will be there in the morning when I get up. Michelle Tennessee
  8. The limit for presale is 2, the limit for the general sale is 4. But if you try and buy a set in the presale and another set in the general sale with the same credit card, they cancel all your tickets without notice. I get trying to stop the scalpers and stuff but if a group of four wants to go..... Agreed. Group of 4 of us that always go ... Now we will have to sit separate and 2 of us will have sucky seats
  9. I am pretty sure I bought 4 tickets for an indoor venue on a previous tour. Just disappointing.
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