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  1. Pity that one of those fans didn't have the respect to stay away with the bono/larry moment during elevation. Seems she wanted to get that bad in the dvd? Bad manors, and some people here say she had no star behaviours and was a quite normal girl?
  2. I know Paris 3 and 4 had all the emotions, but u2 gig wise Dublin 3 was the best show by far. Band on fire, amazing loud audience, some surprises and home.
  3. Should not be one of the "fans" that left early at Dublin 3, to get a number on their hand to queue for GA Dublin 4. That included many of the "high profile" names mentioned here before. Why not some people who were in the Bataclan for example. The Toronto girl was happy, but forgot to film the band, Bono had to remind her
  4. An amazing show 3, such energetic and enthousiastic crowd. The band was also very emotional this evening, a great match between band and crowd. Gloria and Pride live next door to where the videos where filmed. First time I witnessed that the audience made the band gone quiet. The "let it go" chant after Bad, what more can you say. From Bad into One, wow. This is the show of the tour. Yesterday was nice show as well, great to hear the extended vertigo again, hoped for the story for boys snippet. The gay in Gaelic . Twice bad in a row, in Dublin, nothing to complain.
  5. Max, also shine like stars in wowy. Great gig, last nights one is hard to top, but no complaints with 2 times Bad in a row Met mr late late show, and now we know where the gay in gaelic is coming from
  6. I just read that some "hard core fans" missed the encore, because they wanted to get a number ontgeir hand for the show tomight. Sorry, but how stupid can you be, missing a sensational bad leading into one. Crazy crazy, well their loss. Someone got a 10 euto t shirt or that poncho for a fiver
  7. Amazing amazing amazing. This can only de toppped tomorrow by playing acrobat tomorrow. Band was on fire, fed by an amazing audience. Am too tired now of Queueing in the cold and rain today.
  8. After first few 100 who waited all day
  9. By the way, read on another forum that there seems to be already a virtual queue for friday evening. And people giving themselves numbers from 12 afternoon today. Sorry, this is no queueing, at least people have to stand there all day. Not check in in intervals of 7 hours. Walked by at 5, 7 and 11 tonight and no one is there. Queueing means being there from the moment you start the process, with the occasional leave.
  10. Thanks, what's the queue policy in Dublin?
  11. If it's wise I don't know. Still state of emergency and yesterday and today again incidents. Can you risk it with such large audience who also have to queue outside
  12. How was it in the queue? Could you go in and out for little while for food and so?
  13. You don't get priority. First they let many ga in, as they've queued often overnight. Which seems fair.
  14. Is that wise? Happy for the fans in Paris, but state of emergency was extended few days ago?
  15. Saw the event shirt, horrible. Isn't no one there with some imagination than that stupid light bulb. Do something with themchimneys, docks etc. On the other hand, saves me another 40 euros.
  16. what was the status when you received the tickets in the mail. Is it still on "being processed" or did it say dispatched?
  17. Also, the merchandise man of EODM was killed, who was also the former merch guy of Foo Fighters an Alice in Chains
  18. Right decision. As long you can't guarantee the safety of the band, crew and fans you can't take the risk.
  19. Again innocent lives are taken by a certain group in society. It's time to close the borders in Europe.
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