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  1. Update: I took a leap of faith and got one from StubHub. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it will work! Eric
  2. Saw them for the first Denver show on Nov 7, 1987. This show was filmed for Rattle & Hum as well, but I was bummed to see that apparently they used the Nov 8 show for the album and movie. I remember buying a ticket from a friend of a friend for a whole $50 and I couldn't convince anyone else to get his other ticket. So I went alone and had an empty seat next to me.
  3. What about the so called "ticket transfer" feature?
  4. Hey there. Do you happen to know if a Red Zone ticket could be used for regular GA? I'd gladly buy this if that's the case. Just need to see the show with my wife by my side. Eric
  5. Hey there. Email me--this is Eric from the above post. I am wondering if I should just go ahead and get some reserved seats instead of holding out for a GA. Eric (MOD EDIT. NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE)
  6. Hi everyone. I suck. I am a long time Propaganda style fan club member. I went to the show at McNichols Arena on November 6, 1987 so I can't express how badly I want to attend this concert. Long story made short, my life turned upside down this past September and I found myself unable to participate in the presale event. Fortunately life has improved significantly and I am able to attend this show with my wife but so far we only have secured a single GA ticket. Please help if you can. I'd pay the prices being asked on Craigslist etc but with the paperless tickets I just don't have any faith in those ads. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to that too. Thanks, Eric
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