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  1. I got the downloads ages ago, but only realised this week that the vinyl has not arrived. No email, no correspondence, nothing. I sent an email to the help desk today. But all the shipments should be out by now, right?
  2. One ticket for sale. London O2, Sunday 25 October. Reserved seat: Block 101, Row M. Face value + fees. PM, please.
  3. please keep us updated on this... if this doesn't happen in a reasonable time, please send us a PM... I have the same issue with my subscription. I renewed on 6 November 2014, 2 weeks before the announcement of the new offer. When I renewed in November 2013, I received as the subscriber gift the book North Side Story in Spring 2014. I got the same book _again_ in November 2014 for the 2014/2015 subscription. I thought I had sorted it out with Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service in November, as they wrote: "Since the membership item has not been changed/announced yet, renewed memberships are still receiving the North Side Story book. Please feel free to give it as a gift. In the meantime, I will file your order with the others, and when a new gift is announced you will receive that as well." No so. As the downloads did not appear in my login profile, I emailed again. The first reply was: "You are not eligible to download the advance tracks from ‘Another Time, Another Place’ due to when you took out your annual subscription (new or renewed), if you selected the ‘Annual Subscription Package: Another Time, Another Place’ OR the ‘Premium Subscription: Another Time, Another Place & Book’, then you are eligible for the downloads. (If you selected ‘Annual Subscription: North Side Story’ you are not eligible for the downloads.) " I replied that on 6 November 2014 there was no such choice to be made and that I had discussed the issue immediately with Live Nation. I even referred to this thread and peach23's post above. This time the reply I got from U2.com Team (support@u2.com) was: "We had recently reached out for information about this package gift and unfortunately your order is not eligible to download the advance tracks from ‘Another Time, Another Place’." No explanations. Not sure now, if I will even get the vinyl album, or not. So next Fall, I'm sure to let my subscription to expire, and to renew only after the item has been published.
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