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  1. Looking for 2 GA's for Tuesday night. We've got 2 great seats in Loge 22, row 8... Many thanks!
  2. Hi Sarah, Well, I DO hope that you go, and see whatever 5'o'clock shadow there is to see! Love that. I am traveling to BOS with a friend, so can't offer to be your 'mobility companion'... tho would love to otherwise. If for some reason you do end up deciding to sell your tix, I'd love you to keep me in mind -- if Julie/Bryan aren't interested... this is their thread after all. Best wishes, Sally
  3. Stafie, Are these still available? Super interested...
  4. Aloha Julie&Bryan, I just posted 2 face value tix for Friday night (10th) - - - LOGE 14, row 12. I am coming from Maui -- meeting 2 friends (coming from Coloradio) ....our U2 posse from the 80's reunites! Let me know if you want the tix. $599.25 for the pair safe and happy travels to All U2pies
  5. Selling these as another friend is joining us in Boston... A U2pie reunion (!) --so we wanted 3 together. 2 seats next to each other in Loge 14, row 12 My 30th year of U2 love.. so naturally I'm selling them at face value: $599.25 for the pair. Bought them on Ticketmaster during the presale. The transaction: You send me the $ via PayPal and I will send you the link to the tickets. Print them yourself. No sly deals here, folks--- not only is it karma, It's U2!!!! (I bought a ticket for opening night in Vancouver in this same manner thru the Vancouver Zoo Forum and it worked out
  6. Please disregard, I got my tickets! (wuuhuu!)
  7. Hi, Am coming in to Vancouver from the U.S. for the show on May 14th... I've lost track how many concerts over the years, but have been in love with these guys since 1984. Does anyone have 2 hard copy / face value tickets to sell to a true and long-time fan? We'd like to sit in the lower bowl. Thanks and best wishes, sally
  8. Hi, I'd love to buy your ticket ~ Is it a printed/ hard copy ticket? How would you like to arrange the transfer? <>sally
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