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  1. Gracious people, One of my party will be arriving later to MSG and he doesn't have a ticket. Will I be able to leave it at Will Call for him? Thanks, Kate
  2. Thanks everyone for the 411. I appreciate it.
  3. Hi, ebnuno, I sent you a message. tickets are still available.
  4. What does the GA02 and GA1 on the tickets mean? Can anyone explain? Thanks
  5. Have 2 GA tickets for 7/23. My bro is driving from MA, bringing his oldest (14)--her first concert. What time is best to get on line so she can see? Thanks.
  6. Two tickets for sale for 7/23, Section 224, Row 13. Selling at less than $280 face value

  7. I have two tickets in Section 224, Row 13, seats 20 and 21. Willing to take less than face value. Please pm me if interested. Also willing to trade for a different night. cevss
  8. Hi, I have two seats in section 224, row 13, seats 20 and 21 for sale. Will sell at $280 price. Let me know. Thanks
  9. I have two for 7/23 in section 224. Let me know. Thanks.
  10. HI, I have two tickets for sale for Jul. 23. It's section 224, Row13, seats 20 and 21. I will sell for face value, no fees. Let me know. They were $280 each.
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your history with U2 is a personal one. Just as mine is. Growing up with a band is a rite of passage. I grew up loving the Rolling Stones. Through good and bad albums to this day, I remain a fan for the memories and for their good old down and dirty rock and roll. But growing older with U2 is different. I didn't "discover" the breadth and depth of their music until 2009. Sure I knew their top 10 songs, but none of their songs struck a chord (ouch) until I heard No Line on the Horizon. Because of this album, I was intrigued. I wanted to see if their older
  12. Cannot wait for Pop's little 21st century sibling
  13. Almost is right. Am a paid member, and cannot access it even going directly to it.
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