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  1. Hey All, thanks for all comments!


    I am Brazilian but live here in US. I can say that South America will be an Epic concert. You guys are right, U2 does not go there very often and it's for sure an unique opportunity for all south Americans. Every time there is a concert of this size it's a mess. This time we had a huge problem with Tickets4fun, who was responsible for selling the tickets. They held more than 50% of the tickets at pre-sale for media and "famous" people in Brazil and most of subscribers, who just signed the membership to have a chance to buy the tix in advance, could not get it. U2 opened 2 more concerts to cover all demand. It's ridiculous and that's why, I am 100% sure, all GA will be in line for at least dayS. It is crazy, but that's the way it is.


    My first was in Charllotesville in 2009, but I got lower level seats...that was very calm...even GA was pretty calm.


    I really hope to get in to the pit, I will try my best!



  2. Thank you for replying!


    I just read everything in the Blog and now I am feeling more and more excited about it! GA is the place where all U2 fans needs to be at least once!


    Thanks for sharing



  3. Hi all,


    I cant sleep just thinking about how I am going to do to get a good GA spot in Baltimore!


    It's my first time at GA, I dont know what is the best time to arrive or what can we bring...If you have some tips to share, please do so. I would like to have a great GA experience and I am a little lost in how to proceed. I am pretty sure that a whole day in line will be a must do thing but , will the parking lots be available at that time? I have a B lot tix...


    What about hotels? Maybe somebody from Baltimore could share the best area in town to reserve a room before the concert. Close to the M&T would be well accepted.


    Thanks in advance to all of you


    It will be a GREAT help if you can answer those "simple" questions. I wanna it to be perfect!




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