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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any info about how GA line is going to work at Mohegan Sun since it isn't a typical venue. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Attending Mohegan Sun show in GA. Anyone have any info about how GA line will work there??

  3. Also, tried to renew and got this message (see attached). Thought I could renew early and get a new set of codes. My subscription isn't up until March 2nd. And FAQs say you can renew any time.
  4. Thank you! U2.com actually was very helpful and I am all set. I had used my Joshua Tree codes in January and had renewed in February so I am all set for tomorrow. Yay!
  5. Just got my pre-sale info email and clicked on the FAQs. This is the first place I have seen that it says even if you have an active membership you need to renew early to use the resale codes!!! I had already completed the verification process and have the SETUP COMPLETE green message on my account page. I am in the experience group, and I thought I was all set. On hold with U2.com customer service now. Help!
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