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  1. Maybe there is hope for us that get the Leftovers presale tomorrow.
  2. When you get the constant spinning on ticketmaster, you are blocked.
  3. That is why it is great to live near New York. NY law prevents paperless tickets. All you people need to wake up and look at the VIP packages. This is the way an artist can scalp tickets. For a crazy amount of money you will get a premium ticket and a special gift ( worth probably 10 bucks)
  4. People arent going to sell level A codes. I would sell my B level, because B level is useless
  5. Speculative sellers. Just because its listed at 600 doesnt mean people are buying it. Im not a hater of scalping. i can get my own tickets buy buying at the proper time. I have also gone to games and shows for much less than cost.
  6. I rejoined 3 months ago and I my code will be useless. At the same time there will be a bundle sale. Anyone want to buy my U2 book for 50 bucks?
  7. 10 years at 50 dollars a year ads up and what do you get? I just want tickets, not cds or books
  8. I joined a few months ago and never got confirmation email. I hope the code is displayed on the tour page
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