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  1. I noticed something concerning in regards to his energy. Many times the crowd on Edges side were standing and Adams side, they were sitting down. When Bono and Edge faced the sitting side, they'd quickly turn around to the standing side. This only makes the sitting side stay seated. The old days, they'd do everything to get them going. Now, just ignore. If Bono cannot be his regular rabble rouser, we are in trouble.
  2. I went to both show in SJ and Vegas. I wish I knew they were not going to change the SETLIST. Throwing in one or two variable tunes every night is all I hoped for- why? Because out of 40 plus arena shows I've seen, they always changed it! Heck, in London in 2015, every show changed at least 4 songs every show. The big change for the second LV show was dumping my favorite E & I song and not replacing it with anything. Very disappointed in the SETLIST. Not going to add any shows this year. Going to Chicago to see the SF Giants at Wrigley and I might as well go U2 anyways. Come on, thr
  3. All of the best reserved seats go to VIP AND SPECIAL packages for excess of $500. There were no reserved seats in Vegas in the center lower sections in the experience sale-NONE! So, $75 to $332 are the cheap seats! Most of the money is going to U2 rather than scalpers-better, but makes the show for the wealthier. the idea of real fans getting the GA seems fair and correct. But, so many cities seemed to have little or no GA for even the experience group (could not get Vegas GA). So many companies, arena special fans and others skimming tickets- the regular fan has no chance. the sayi
  4. I am in the experience group and could not get GA at 10:00 on the first day of sale. You have TMobile arena and AXS incompetence and the casinos getting the floor seats- that's the story I see. Since there is no transparency of number of GA and distribution- 'welcome my friend- to the machine' as pink Floyd would say.
  5. Tried to get GA. No luck. In at 10:00. Did get 2 GA ONCE, BUT USED 1 for Chicago- afraid 2 would be canceled. Got a good $360, but $260 over budget. No gambling for me?
  6. Got a GA for Chicago. Texting the code in the morning seemed to be fraught with danger;but, it worked!
  7. I got the silver package in Phoenix in 2015. Got a great gift (souvenir book with a bunch of u2 stuff). And, the ticket was good- first level in arena in corner near e-stage. Not that $240 is a steal, but given the market, I was happy. And, it was a great show too!
  8. Thank you so much. Leaving California on the 6th. Love Amsterdam. Staying in Zaandam, so the trains and buses are very important! Perfect timing.
  9. I was in Red Zone 2 for Boston 3 and 4. Had the greatest time at Boston 3. Lots of room to boogie. Great view of Edge. Wonderful experience. Amazing. Boston 4 was different. More crowded. A lot of back stage guests coming in during this show. Most cared less about the music. A lot of selfie pictures and people trying to talk over the music. Left to GA during middle. Loved that. Then came back to red zone towards the last third of show. Should have stayed in GA. Since the regular seats are $300, I feel the red zone was a spectacular deal for my first show. Learned from the second show
  10. Bono says in the article that the second set could be 'varying'. The 2001 and 2005 always had varying sets- 2 or 3 songs. That is not 'significant or substantially different' as some are hoping. I do hope you are correct and the two show are a great deal different. But, with throwing out the two different shows promotion and wanting to keep the masses of regular fans happy, I am a bit concerned and disappointed. Hopefully I will be a happy puppy on the 14th and 15th (15th is the big test of song substitutions).
  11. A quote from the article, 'The initial idea was to work up two entirely different concerts, but U2 worried about leaving out staples or having fans think they'd gotten the second best show'. It sure sounds like they are playing it safe- new songs and big hits. That is great. But, not what I'd hope for or originally intended. If they change many songs per night- awesome. I'll have fun either way.
  12. False advertising. He said two different shows. People go out and buy tix on the info provided. Then excuses. "People will be disappointed not to hear our hits". They have always changed a couple/few songs. Yeah, I was disappointed not to hear Bad or Ultraviolet; but they had no problem with that. And, I lived and loved them with that. But, I would NOT have bought for so many shows if knowing they were going to be similar shows. I hope for different sets, or I will be selling some tix. Very disappointed! And, I agree. I do not see Bono or Larry doing longer shows than the previous couple of
  13. I am pretty sure you need a passport. I have heard of athletes ( baseball, basketball) not being able to play due to them forgetting their passports. When I have gone to Canada from USA during the last 4 years I have needed my passport. But, there maybe exceptions?
  14. Bought 2 for Scotland GA first night because of what they said in the forum about Europe tix code good for one night. 60 pounds per tix is reasonable. Will try to get a single for second show on Monday. Oh well, I shouldn't have read so much and tried for one each show. Life is a learning experience
  15. Since Edge said they'd be busy this summer, we assumed an album and tour. Now,with this article stating nothing until 2015, the fans deserve to hear the facts from U2. Show some respect for your fans. Get out there and rock and roll. No Line was not the strongest album, but the tour was a spectacular success. No reason why the next one won't be great if they give it their all. But, maybe they are not up for it? Sad few days in U2 world.
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