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  1. TOTALLY agree with you. I decided to sit in my original seats, thinking that there would be great big video screens to see the boys in close up. Super disappointed that this wasn't the case. I wished that I had brought high-powered binoculars. Also, the Forum seats where we sat were far beyond the reach of the sound-system... so we really never "felt" the music around us, thumping off of our chests - unlike every other U2 show we've seen. And looking around the arena, there were many empty seats, so it felt like we were witnessing something unexciting and distant. It never seemed like an
  2. Thanks... I thought of that, but worried that my other tix wont sell and I'll be out another $250. Lots of unsold seats still and concert is in 2 weeks.
  3. UGH! It truly makes me not want to go to the concert knowing that I cant even buy closer seats because there's no way I can re-sell these for anything close to what I paid. I recall a time when the presales were super beneficial to fans. This is maddening. And saddening.
  4. I feel like a sucker. After seeing dozens of U2 concerts for the last 30 years, and being a member of this club for nearly a decade, I can't believe this band has let me down so much with its SOE concert pricing. I spent an hour in November trying to work through the Ticketmaster presale, after spending the annual $50 fan membership only to find very limited seats under $350 in the lower bowl of the Forum. So I shelled out $295 a ticket for the latter half of the upper bowl. Today (and, silly me for not noticing this until now), but I'm seeing that there are many seats SEVERAL rows c
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