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    Toronto, ON, Canada
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    Achtung Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind are like mirrors to each other and both grab my soul deeply.
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    I think it was 1983, Massey Hall. Can't recall the venue.
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    June 23rd, 2017 in Toronto
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    So many shows! But the Madison Square Gardens Elevation Tour in June 2011 was one of the absolute best.
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    Bob Dylan, Martyn Joseph, Ron Sexsmith,

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  1. Awesome! I was at that show as well! You've reminded me how damn cold it was. I'll never forget the how the show opened - that long instrumental bit, the curtain dropping revealing the Joshua Tree, lights flashing and Edge's guitar kicking in. Chills just thinking about it! Unforgettable! Can't wait to see them in Toronto next month.
  2. So many similar stories here it's sad. I can relate to Russ Zara. We live in Toronto and my wife and I each had a presale code, but one order was cancelled. TM did nothing. So frustrating. I'm wondering for those who had an order cancelled - is the presale code they used valid once again? Or now void, even though they got no tickets from that code? Some may try and buy in the presale for the newly announced show dates. Any ideas anyone? Cheers to the great mods on this forum for all that they are doing too!
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