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  1. How do I trade/sell my GA tickets when they can only be used with my credit card? Can we get printed tickets? Any solutions or procedures for this dilemma?
  2. I have two GA tickets for Friday I may not be able to use....however, don't know how this works since tickets attached to credit card. Does anyone know if or what the procedure is for selling GA tickets? I need to do Denver instead but don't know that I can get GA since I used my code?
  3. Back problems are a drain. Mine were healed with new shoes. Anyway, the bouncy house on U2.com offered a humorous alternative in light of disappointment. And from another Paul...embrace what God arranges for you...difficult but offering the truth that our circumstances are wrapped in the divine.
  4. Bono...may your heart be peaceful and spirit be content as you wait...
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