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  1. Thanks Haven't had anything through spam / junk either!
  2. Great thanks for your help. I will try to find out what is happening through the Contact US details.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Calling Ticketmaster IE is my next step, but as you state, I'm hoping someone on Zootopia will provide the RZ co-ordinator telephone number from a current or previous e mail.
  4. Has anyone received e mails for RZ for Dublin, 6 Nov-18? I haven't yet, but would have expected to by now! Does anyone have any relevant contact details for RZ enquiries (eg contact details for the person who sends the e mail to RZ ticket holders) so that I can find out what is happening? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks DBUGGY. Did you enjoy RZ for this tour? It's been getting mixed reviews!
  6. Has anyone doing Red Zone on Dublin night 2 (6 Nov-18) received any contact (eg e mail)?
  7. Thanks. Layout for E&I now been published. Hopefully, it will be the actual for the shows in Dublin, because it is an improvement on where the Red Zones were positioned for the I&E shows at the 3 Arena.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I had found this since making my post. Looks better than the I&E layout re: Red Zone. Hopefully, this will be the actual layout for E&I.
  9. Does anyone know where the Dublin 3 Arena Red Zones will be located for the 5/6/9/10 Nov-18 E&I shows? I cannot find a seating plan for these concerts on the 3 Arena website. Were the MG zones the Red Zones in the 2015 I&E shows?
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