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  1. Red flag day has one of my favorite parts of the whole album and reminds me a bit of Sunday bloody Sunday......"there's one word that the sea can't say, is no, nooo, noooooo" . That is epic.
  2. I have been a fan since I was 11 which was 1987. I have to say this album is special, and guess what, like most things U2 does, it will take time for it to be appreciated. Such deep lyrics, beautiful sounds, some really energetic tunes, and sounds that draw from thier past. Not everyone will agree, and reviews are mixed from the so called experts, but the overwhelming comments from actual listeners are the most positive they have been in years. That means more than anything.
  3. The $40 will not give you any peace of mind. What experience has taught me in the past few years is that despite renewing every time and getting a code for U2.com I always end up snagging tickets at the regular sale. I just suggest you relax and not worry. There will be extra shows announced and you can probably get it at the regular sale
  4. We'll see how you feel when you still have to fight to get tickets. I'm all set, with setup complete and ready to go, but the dates and cities don't work for me. They will be adding more dates and cities, so I'm not panicking. Also, I think days are gone where you can't score tickets to a u2 show. Vegas, Nashville, or Montreal would have been my destinations but not meant to be this time. If Montreal was on a weekend....
  5. Ok. I have the following, this means I'm all set for the fan club presale and can expect my code by text, correct?: SETUP COMPLETE Disconnect Ticketmaster Account You have until Sunday, November 12 at 7pm PT to complete the above setup. Verified Subscribers will receive a text on November 14, 2017, 2 to 4 hours prior to the start of the presale. Your text will include your link to purchase and your unique presale access code to unlock access to tickets before the presale begins. We know the suspense can stressful, we'll send more details the evening of November
  6. even worse, i call ticketmaster, and they say they have no control over the passcode!!!!!
  7. ticketmaster is saying my code is invalid. Simply copy and paste from my U2.com log on, with no extra spaces. UNREAL.
  8. How do you know that is what Bono is referring to specifically, or could he be using it as a symbolic action to speak to a bigger issue....I'd suggest the latter. Hey, you started this thread, you don't have to respond again if it makes you that angry.
  9. nonsense. There have been other police shootings in the US (think of the guy who was running from the cop in the park before getting shot, or the kid in st. Louis. Its symbolic of the bigger problem which if you can't acknowledge there is one, then you have a bigger problem on your hands.
  10. I really wish the black SOI tatoo shirt actually said "U2" on it. Agree with the others though, the I+E tour shirts are not doing it for me. I would have rather the stage design made its way onto the shirt in some way. I want to take advantage of my discount, but not feeling it.
  11. That just died. Got to the end of UTEOTW. All I can say, is WOW, this has been an amazing first 6 or so songs, and the visuals are incredible. I think this show has potential to be an all time classic, similar to zoo tv. The link will be working, just an intermission.
  12. https://www.periscope.tv/w/VzagKDYxMjQzMnwxMTU1MjkyNymKNnpT6BZ-BDBsdZ0q0wFjHKgoKaJ7Yn3K243iFKJp
  13. http://meerkatapp.co/bethandbono/41576fb0-0364-4e18-8c8c-37f1c69832f6?utm_source=twitter live video link
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