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  1. Finally, a helpful rep on the U2.com customer service line gave me a new code that worked!
  2. Continue to have problems with St. Louis. I tried different browsers, deleting the history and cache, VPN, etc. At one point, I was able to get tickets in my cart on the mobile app, but then received an error message when I tried to complete the sale. Now I can't get that far; my code is accepted only for VIP or Red Zone. I have 2 of 4 tickets remaining on my Red Hill group allocation.
  3. I've used the app and 3 different browsers without success, since 10 am. I have 2 of my 4 allotted tickets left, but cannot unlock anything except Red Zone and VIP.
  4. Red Hill group. Used 2 of my 4 ticket allotment for Chicago. Now cannot unlock anything except Red Zone and VIP. It says my code is invalid. I called Ticketmaster, and they said maybe no seats are available. It seems as though they don't know what's going on. Help!
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