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  1. Were you able to sign up for both? Is anyone still there giving out numbers? Thanks
  2. Hey! Need in on the ticket club please. Need two tickets for an upcoming show.

    1. mich40


      In the future, if you need assistance with something, please send a private message. It will be seen quicker. Thanks. 

    2. amenaqt


      Thanks! And I'm sorry - that's what I thought I had done. Didn't realize it was on your wall ?

  3. Hi guys! I'm going to see U2 on Monday in Duluth. Was wondering what time they actually come on stage? Thanks!
  4. I may sell my kids' tickets but won't know till the weekend. I'm still trying to convince them to fulfill one of my life-goals
  5. Hey guys! So is the Sunday 8:00am line sign in happening or are we showing up just on Monday at 8:00am.
  6. Hi! I got GA tickets yesterday for my husband and I and today for the kids and I. I was online and "waiting" at about 8:40 for the 9am presale. U was in right at 9. So first click the box for regular tickets, not limited view. Then click if you want 1-4 tickets. Then scroll down the page and to the left of the yellow button is an option to select price range for your tickets. After you click on that, select the GA - $80 option. That's what I did for mine. The first day I didn't realize there was that option and almost bought seats! I only go GA so was bummed and thought GA had sold out. It wasn't till my 4th try with the page glitching (thankfully) that I realized there were further options. I must say it was very confusing the first time but today took under 3 minutes to have them and check out. Good luck!
  7. Also keep track on the boards for your city. There's usually someone between ticket sale and showtime that can no longer go and wants a fan to buy their tickets! Try and be online a few minutes before the sale starts and be ready just as they go on sale. I've usually been able to get GA for multiple venues on the same tour doing that. But maybe it's luck too? So good luck!
  8. GA or red zone is the only way I can see them. Having done it this ways most times, I feel sad when I'm in a seat and see a sea of people on the floor between me and u2! Makes me feel too far from all the action. With GA you can see it all up close - like a show just for you! Good luck!
  9. I got mine about 20+ min in after several tries. The first 3 times I checked (including the first minute) there were no GAs. Last tour too this happened and I got lucky during the regular sale. So try again! Good luck!
  10. I got GA on my 4th try this morning for Atlanta. It didn't show as an option, then it did. Then the page got stuck and luckily I ended up with the two.
  11. I got my email this evening from citi and it looks like the process is similar to the u2.com presale.
  12. I got an airbnb less than a half mile from the stadium for less than the cost of parking. There were still a few options when I did mine last night just for the parking... parking at the venue almost garauntees you being stuck in traffic for an hour plus after the show. Good luck!
  13. Hi! Is anyone flying out of DCA after the show and wanting to share an uber? Or if anyone lives close to DCA and willing to help out with a ride? Thank you!
  14. So I had RZ and had purchased two GA for friends all on my CC for the Miami show. I called the venue well in advance to sort this out and they were first willing to switch the GA to my friend's CC for me. That was 3 weeks before the show... But because my friend took too long to get back to me they were unable to. Instead they agreed to print out the GAs for my friends so I wouldn't lose my spot in RZ. Worked out perfectly for me. So Ticketmaster won't change the CC but the venue has some leverage to do so. Also, it's best to call ASAP. I had gotten my friends CC info and called on wed for the Sunday show in miami and that's when they said it was too late to switch. They said they needed at least 4 business days for it. Hope this helps.
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