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  1. Continuous fan club member since 1987. My disgust with the fan-led mismanagement of general admission lines factored into my decision NOT to buy tickets for either I&E or E&I. As others have said, it would be more fair to follow Springsteen's example: On the day of a show randomly assign positions in the G.A. line. Everyone then organizes behind the person who is #1. This removes the incentive/need to queue for more than 24 hours for a good position and endure the manipulation of certain cliques who have self-assigned themselves "organizers" of the line.
  2. Are the codes good for the entire leg of this tour? In other words, if one of these first shows is sold out, is our code still good if additional concerts are announced for North America?
  3. Or, will the same presale code work for future dates? Can a Mod clarify?
  4. This won't help me, but maybe it will help future shows, or future tours. Having seen the absolute shambles of general admission entry in Vancouver and Seattle, I think a formal, structured solution needs to be adopted by the band. Could future shows allow separate G.A. lines based on how tickets were purchased? So, for example, those who are longtime fan club members were assigned the "Red Hill" group when buying tickets. They would gather in a Red Hill G.A. line at the venue, getting first entry. Newer fan club members were in the "Wires" group for ticket purchases. Day of the
  5. Logistically, the gig was a poor reflection of the band, Live Nation, and the venue. The G.A. line was handled horribly, with security allowing new arrivals through the metal detectors at the same time as those who had queued for hours (or days). Security said we would be reorganized once inside by the numbers we had been assigned, but that never happened. Instead, we were staged inside as a huge clump of people who surged forward when the inside door was open. One of the "security" guys at the B-stage spent the duration of Mumford and Sons' set singing along, sneaking peeks at
  6. So, I take it there are still no official updates on when the vinyl will be shipped? I've been a Propaganda subscriber/fan club member since 1987 and quite honestly am pretty disappointed by this delay.
  7. I was listening to this today, and it perfectly reflect Bono's last few weeks since the bike accident. Imagine them opening with this and then plunging into "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u3xBZoAU9c Lyrics: Sitting in a hospital bed Sitting in a hospital bed Sitting in a hospital bed Sitting in a hospital bed I, I want life I want my life I want my life I want my life It really sucks It really sucks Sitting in a hospital bed Frustration going through my head Turn off the TV set Take some drugs so I can forget I, I want life I want my life I wa
  8. I'm not buying tickets yet, largely because all five Vancouver shows I've attended since 1992 have been disappointments. I'm hoping for an earlier pair of shows to be announced for Washington or Oregon. Also, with credit cards apparently being required for entry to the shows, I am concerned that using my card in a foreign country (i.e. Canada) could present some kind of difficulty. Lastly, having been a fan club member since summer 1987, I, too, am disappointed that the process of getting tickets has become so difficult for us. Even though sending in checks for Popmart tickets was awkw
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