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    Outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, electric guitar, family, film photography, motorcycles, U2.
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    Achtung Baby
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    Out Of Control
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    Popmart 1997 - Salt Lake City
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    U2 Dreamfest/Dreamforce 2016
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    Elevation Tour - Phoenix 04/28/2001 - My first GA experience (rail at tip of heart)...WOW!!!
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    Radiohead, Pearl Jam

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  1. Fan organized line and working with venue security. Numbers are being given out for tomorrow.
  2. GA line has formed at AT&T Stadium. Go get your numbers!
  3. romanorton - I'm on a Wednesday evening flight. I plan on going to the stadium Thursday night to see if anything is going on. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  4. Does anyone know if an official GA line will form prior to the 6am line up on Friday? I'm just trying to figure out how early I need to get there. I'll be flying in from Salt Lake City. What time is everyone showing up for GA line?
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