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  1. A lot of places do this just to keep track of actual number of tickets sold. GA will not have seats.
  2. I got lucky in Experience group. My wife was not lucky in Innocence group. I guess I'll take her to the concert (I usually take an old buddy and my wife takes his wife) ..... I had GA for StL for JT and she had RZ. Heartbroken when concert was cancelled especially after 900 miles drive. Was hoping to get tickets for this time around to make up for it.
  3. I'm good with that too ... it was just my guess. I'm in Georgia and went to Seattle a couple of times now for them.
  4. I'll start the rumor ... lol. May 18th in Seattle and June 2nd in either Jacksonville or Orlando
  5. Looking at the schedule I'll start the rumor of a May 18th Seattle show and June 2nd Jacksonville/Orlando show. I'd be at both and there's room in the schedule ...
  6. Red Zone has shown up as same price as GA in the past however the "donation" is what drives it up to $350+ on sale day. I bought insurance for JT Red Zone tickets and at the end of the process it told me my insurance was good for the GA price and the rest was a "donation" and non-refundable. Fortunately when U2/live Nation cancelled the show they refunded the entire amount.
  7. Bigwave, any help is appreciated. If you become a verified member (registered member or whatever they are calling it) will it work for the same Ticketmaster account for the General Public sale. I know this sounds stupid but for the last two tours I was unable to get Red Zone or GA tickets during the Experience presale but was able to snag them during the public sale. I just want to make sure that after all I am offer is 500 section tickets as a long-time member it is not going to block me for public sale. I had RZ for the last concert in StL but had to use my wife's account to get them and
  8. Rode out Irma in Saint Mary's GA. Many houses flooded but fortunately mine was spared. Many friends watched as the water took away what they treasured ... their dreams. Went 3 days with no power but when power came back on, washed our clothes and headed to StL for the concert. Verdict announced as we were arriving into city. Hotel and city was guarded by National Guard. StL WAS my home town. I grew up in StL. Lived in Ferguson during my high school years .... wanted to relax and enjoy U2 in my home town .... StL is no longer the great city I grew up in ... StL is no longer my hom
  9. A group behind me won the Backstage Tour in Seattle. He said he was notified the night before. Saw him onstage later so I guess someone wins....
  10. Went to Seattle and used them to rest before show and between groups. No issues. They will not let you stand on them though.
  11. I wish that was my problem. Mine was just opposite. I want RZ but they won't unlock. too bad tickets can't be transferred ...lol
  12. I can't unlock VIP or red Zone. All other areas are unlocked. Been trying all day.
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