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  1. Anybody know if Wells Fargo Center allows waiting in line/camping out overnight, specifically the night of June 13th after the 1st show? I have GAs for both shows and really don't want to have to shell out $$$ for a hotel.
  2. ...And by showtime those once overpriced seats will be miraculously filled with the asses of fans once TM and Live Nation reduce the prices to them after seeing that they were a bit too "optimistic" on the price point.
  3. Successfully got 2 Philadelphia GAs through Citi pre-sale.
  4. I'd say that in terms of fan club presales, this was as bad as Vertigo 2005 and possibly worse. Both times the band tried to fight scalpers, bots and agencies and just ended up pissing of their own fans. However, the Citi presale appeared to go off swimmingly. It's a shame that those experiences couldn't have been reversed. I can understand the concept of the lottery thing for the fan club presales because we have no idea how many ticket scalping agencies have snapped up relatively inexpensive (for them) fan club memberships in order to get first crack at tickets. However, this ob
  5. I can understand the reselling of seat tickets if your 1st choice in the presale was GA, and the only things available were $330 or $110 tickets, and you felt like you had to buy them or get left out, only to snag GAs in the Citi pre-sale and then have 2 extra tickets for seats that you never wanted.
  6. There were no GAs for Philly for the Innocence presale, so I settled on section 224 for $30 more per ticket than I was prepared to pay. I tried the Citi presale and easily got 2 GAs for Philly.
  7. Had an Innocence code yesterday and no GAs for Philadelphia were available. Settled for Section 225 or something that were $106 plus fees each. Not bad seats if you want to be able to take in the whole show, screen and all. Looks like the equivalent tickets for Newark were in the $176+ fees range. Decided to try the Citi presale this morning. Logged in at 9AM. Snagged 2 GAs for Philadelphia. Got out of there by 9:06AM. Pretty easy for Citi presale. Now I'm wondering why I paid $50 for a fan club membership.
  8. Went smoothly. I'm an iNNOCENCE level. Used the TM app, and was able to quickly grab 2 GAs for NYC #3 and checkout successfully. Not bad.
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