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  1. I was located in the VIP section, section 112, which was stage left and just off the floor. Those stacks of speakers up in the claw had a good (and fairly close) view of me! As for what I mean by loud, I can tell you that objectively I measured the loudness with a meter on my iPhone. It averaged about 98 dB but I noted some peaks that seemed to be 10 dB above this, either this or that the volume crept up as the band played on - the Lenny Kravitz band in particular. However more important to me is the subjective quality of the loudness. First, the volume seemed rather compressed, righ
  2. Ok I know this is going to brand me as an old fart (55 y/o) but I want to broach this issue now that the tour is done. I am an ex- Deadhead of sorts, though the highest I ever got for a show was one plastic cup of beer. I have also seen Paul McCartney during his most recent tour. And the Stones. Yes it is true that I do not "get out much," but what those tours had in common was the loudness of the music. Dead shows in particular were always noted for being loud enough, but never painful. I never wore hearing protection and did not need it. With this experience I went to the U2 show in
  3. As per the little dude on the Zooropa cover and elsewhere. I have been trying to find a t shirt with this little guy on it but cannot. Anybody have any leads? Bob V
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