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  1. Thanks for the great perspectives, I am really looking forward to it! 34 years later and I am just as in love with their music as I ever was.
  2. Due to a combination of Ticketbastard's count down clock not being correct-then freaking out when I discovered they really were on sale, needing to refresh, open new a window and not super great eyesight, I accidentally bought tickets for Belfast instead of Dublin! This was a bucket list thing for me to see them in Dublin, Somebody please tell me it will be just as awesome seeing them in Belfast! I'm really happy I am going but LOL at me.
  3. I am going to attempt to get tickets for both Belfast and Dublin. Bucket list for me to see them in Ireland, and I have never been!
  4. If you are at either end of arena your view of big screens is limited. I was behind the stage tonight and there was a small supplemental screen way up high but it mostly played video feed from the cameramen focusing on the band and not much from big display screen. Which was a good thing because band had back turned to us most of the time unless at far end of stage. I don't recommend sections behind stage if you want to see anything other than the back of their heads LOL. And before anyone says "duh why did you buy them", I didn't. I purchased tickets for other end of arena but the stage orien
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