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  1. thanks this worked. I never would have thought to enter them differently.
  2. can anyone explain the correct US phone number format to enter on Ticketek's site. ive tried many versions and get its an invalid format. If I add a + to the front of the number I stop getting the invalid format error but instead get a 'your entry contains non-numeric characters' error.
  3. everyone from the region already bought tickets to Tulsa or St. Louis or Chicago. Its pretty embarrassing they picked Omaha and can barely sell half the tickets instead of going to Minneapolis or Toronto which would have sold out quickly.
  4. how Red Flag Day isn't on the set list is beyond me, but maybe they'll add it in Europe. Its an awesome summer time song and should be in heavy rotation on the radio airwaves right about now, imo. Oh well, we don't always get what we want.
  5. happened to me in the Orlando airport also, but it wasn't Bono, it was Dan Rather. Just sitting there reading. He took a phone call and it was a bit surreal to hear his voice live.
  6. The answer is neither. For anyone with a casual interest in seeing U2, there has been plenty of opportunity over the past 2-3 years. So that 8 show sellout was the first set of shows since the 360 tour. (3 years?) The current SOE shows are harder to sell because a) there was a concert last year in the same major markets. b), there were concerts in the same markets 1-2 years prior to that c) the new music from the last two albums doesn't have widespread acceptance so there is nothing to draw in non-diehard fans. So you get the situation like we have now, floor tickets are still unobtainable and the bowl is 10-30% unsold (nose bleeds and the upper half of the $300 seats). Heck the Omaha show still has RedZone's available and its been on sale for 2 weeks. (edge's side still shows as dark blue meaning many tickets still available). Of course if all tickets were $50 they'd be sold, but the prices aren't dramatically different than SOI so price alone.
  7. yeah but no GAs even with trying at 10:00 exactly. Was on the site, timer reached 0, by the time the screen loaded it said no tickets available. But at least people are listing their GA's in as resale tickets for $300 already. Nice. btw, 10:20 and RZ's still available.
  8. I also called and simply asked if my code was still valid. The person took a minute or so and said I don't see why not. So similar to you, I got a maybe, which isn't helpful at all. Also submitted a question via the automated form with more specifics about bought tickets with the first shows and now have a different code, is it still valid for the two new shows. As much as I'd like to have a way to confirm if this would cause a violation or not, scalpers would just find a way to abuse it. IIRC, for the JT 2017 when you entered your code it would tell you how many tickets you had left, but maybe it was a dream.
  9. Why are they sending out emails with pre-sale codes for the new shows if we've already used it? Seems they are just trying to get people to make a mistake.
  10. in general the venues only 'support' the ga line (offering some sort of guidance and management) in the morning (6am). Some may support the prior evening, but most tend to not offer any support and discourage lining up. I can't explain it, but for some reason fans starting the ga lines days ahead of time don't post here on the Fan Website, but instead post a message on Facebook or Twitter declaring the line has started and they've been checking in periodically to maintain their place in line.
  11. for us waiting for the buses was a complete bust. all of the buses filled up and we had to wait for them to return from DT, so it was well over an hour standing in line. thank goodness the weather was good. If you're on the Madison side of the arena and make a bee-line for the bus stop you'll be fine. If you're on the far side, maybe not so much. That shuttle idea sounds like a good one. Cabs seemed non-existent. Uber was working, but the surge pricing was probably pretty outrageous.
  12. what I find interesting is those people complaining the most they didn't get a code are the people that go to multiple shows and there have multiple accounts (here and at ticketmaster). so maybe the verified fan thing was working as intended because those peoples behavior sure would look like a scalper.
  13. definitely use the link they sent you (copy and paste it into the address bar). Also, Chrome seemed to work better than Internet Exploder. Chrome gave a seat map where I could pick individual seats, IE did not. Just being logged into your TM account didn't seem to work very well.
  14. Was delighted when allowed to select seats from the seat map instead of the dreaded 'best available'. It was interesting to see what seats were available and which were not. Wish I took a screen shot, but it (went back and got a screen shot) seemed like every other row was available in eXperience (rows 1, 3, 5, etc). First row, two on the aisle please!!
  15. All good questions. At this point we’ll have to wait for more info. The random selection thing definitely injects anexity into the process. Also, unfortunately this program does nothing to slow down scalpers. The 40$ for a subscription just gets tacked onto the price. If there are address or phone number limits they’ll just smurf those controls. They already get by CC entry by using pre-paid cards for the purchase amount, so this will do nothing either.
  16. currently when you click on the renew link (from the list of validation tasks) it takes you to the address confirmation page. Once checking the boxes and hitting 'continue', it will hang and eventually give a gateway error (502) error. Several attempts
  17. Basically the traditional line starts around 4am, where the check-in thugs will stop honoring check-in numbers (unless one of their friends aren't there yet). The venue should only be honoring the order people are lined up when they start handing out wristbands. The check-in thugs may try to get the venue staff to skip people in line if they don't have a check-in number (which confuses and upsets people who have been waiting in line) so it's hard to say exactly how it will be handled at any one venue.
  18. hopefully the stadium sticks by their posted policy and doesn't honor such foolishness.
  19. finz_89

    Beck Reviews?

    What are the opinions on Becks performance so far. Haven't seen any particular comments (though haven't dug too deep on the inter webs to find one).
  20. It all depends on how late late-afternoon is. If it's by 5pm, you'll get great spots. The stage is huge. Anything from the tree stage forward is incredible. The floor doesn't start filling in until about 6.
  21. If you are referring to the doors at the West end of the stadium, they most likely will be closed to better maintain temp and humidity for everyone's comfort.
  22. Unlikely since they won't let anyone line up before 6am day of the show. Now if you showed up at 2am there probably won't be anyone to roust people off the property, but up until 10pm the night before they may. I don't imagine there will be more than a handful (<50) interested in getting there before 6am. With the high amount of rail space, being 50-100 you'll still have your pick of rail space.
  23. Ummm...you can still buy GA from Ticketmaster. Good luck though.
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