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  1. Received a follow up email for the Boston 2 show that gifts will be there for pick up prior to the show.
  2. I like to think I am pretty connected with the band. I've never once heard (outside of internet rumor) they were going to play two different shows when they played ina city more than once. Logistically, that would be a nightmare for the band to pull off something like that. As for those complaining about the set list, the band did say in Rolling Stone they were going to ditch the typical fan favorite songs for this tour in favor of the newer stuff so they can complete the iE story. As The Edge said, if you wanted the popular stuff, the tour for you was The Joshua Tree Tour. Treated my
  3. Just bought the VIP Party Package for the second Boston show. Got an email saying the gifts will be there at the show.
  4. We were in the RZ for Houston and had a straight line view at the B stage prompter. It didn't appear to be moving when he was singing, just when he was thanking people, making statements, etc. My wife and I got the impression it was nothing more than an outline of things he wanted to say.
  5. Good on him! I've never done anything like this in the past but I did a little digging, found some important names and addresses to the boys and sent letters (1) requesting that video recording of any kind not be allowed in GA and RZ and (2) inform them that some people here who work for the forum are advocating a practice that's against the bands requests. I also discovered that U2 only lends its name to this site. Live Nation owns and runs this site for them. I'd be willing to bet that if the right people know that video recording is being promoted and advocated here, you'll see
  6. Forgot to add something about the montage during Ultraviolet .... Was loving every second of that ... until I saw Lena Dunham come up. My wife and I looked at each other and was like WTF? Cheapened the montage just a tad.
  7. Thank you! I never did get your names, but the three double Jameson's were very much appreciated!
  8. Agree with Sean. I was right next to him during the show and it was flat out amazing. All this talk about it being in a bad spot, too far left, etc is nonsense.
  9. RZ for last night was INSIDE security. I think it's dependent on the venue and if they have an extra layer like Houston had.
  10. Went to the Houston show last night and was impressed. Very impressed in fact! The boys are showing their age. There's no getting around that one. But I think they know it and have adjusted their show accordingly. The screen is a stroke of genius. They found a way to seamlessly integrate picture art with music and it made for some of the best live songs i have ever heard. Exit and Mother's especially. Anton did an excellent job with those videos. I was more disappointed with the fans TBH. Saw three fights around us in the RZ, all three of which were drunk women. All three we
  11. I was right next to Sean (nice meeting you guys btw!) and although there were a few times the cell screens came up, all and all, I have to say it didn't appear as bad as some of the other shows. It's still a problem though and it's only going to get worse.
  12. They had their own system and NRG worked with them to make it happen. Looked like it was very well run.
  13. It's not cutting as GA and RZ went in separate entrances. The GA folks were very helpful, understanding that NRG has made a screw up and that we should not suffer for it. They understood that us entering with them in no impacted their line numbers. Not only did we get our own line, it was made possible by the folks at the front of the GA line. NRG had to adjust on the fly, they found Emma, and we got escorted in.
  14. Offer still stands. Beers once inside (or cash equivalent) and my eternal gratitude if someone in line let's me enter with them. They didn't bother to set up a RZ line to the Plaza so we are getting screwed. I can show you my RZ ticket and TX ID to prove I'm not a first 600 line cutter.
  15. Offer still stands. Beers once inside (or cash equivalent) and my eternal gratitude if someone in line let's me enter with them. I can show you my RZ ticket and TX ID to prove I'm not a first 600 line cutter.
  16. Received this email just now ... We have just had an update from the venue, and you will be able to come into the Stadium Compound at Bud Light Plaza for security screening from 2.30 and not 12.00 as previously described. Once screened, you will not be able to leave. Doors are scheduled to open at 5.00pm.
  17. Just got a text from a friend at the stadium that there's only one GA line to get into the Plaza. So if someone toward the front of the line would like a couple of beers on me, I'd like to stand and enter with you at Noon. I'd be happy to show you my RZ confirmation to prove I am not cutting into any GA line.
  18. Any word on if RZ has a second line? Seems silly I will have to wait in a GA line outside just to get into the RZ inside. Some friends who are GA are there now and cannot tell one way or the other.
  19. Police Chief and NRG Security Spox was just on the news. Bag rules will be strictly enforced and they're beefing up the number of security personnel. I'd expect much wait times for this one.
  20. Exactly my point. Which is why I am hopeful the band bans the practice. You seem to not care how recording the show affects those around you or the band. That's why we can't have nice things.
  21. Not to get a number. Only to get into the plaza and past security. The numbers are being handed out by fans, not the staff at NRG. NRG is not running the line number system.
  22. The bolded is the problem. It's not about what YOU want and it's not YOUR moment. It's everyone's moment. Yours, mine and most importantly, the bands moment. Lot's of what you wanted, not so much what other's around you or what the band wants.
  23. You wont need your CC to get line numbers right now. The line, which was being broken up by NRG Security two hours ago, is being self governed by U2 fans. The time you'll need your CC is when the gates open and let everyone into the Bud Light Plaza.
  24. I got what you were saying. The GA line was the one NRG Security was breaking up. They're not allowing one to form it would seem. At least not yet anyway.
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