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  1. Hi, I bought only one ticket for show 1 and want to buy another ticket for show 2 for my birthday, yé! Is the code I got for show 1 still good for show 2? Thank you!
  2. Stupid question but I bought one ticket for the show, and have the availability to buy 3 more tickets. I want to make sure to go to all shows in Montréal. They will probably add one, 2 or even 3 more shows. Should I buy some now that I have the codes and it's working and trade if they add more shows, or just wait and see if they add more shows and use my code to buy one ticket at a time, as the shows are added... it just feels weird to get to the end, have no more shows, and still have access code that I could have used to buy tickets for friend or family?
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