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  1. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: xtraspicy62 wrote: Zhivvy']Up to chapter 9 now!!!! Feeling quite pleased with myself! what are you writing zhivvy? Just some crappy chick-lit love story - but keeps me out of trouble! Zhivvy get into trouble, aren't you good and innocent.
  2. 61086 - )))) just checking to see if can still count.
  3. I'm hoping for some more nice pictures from Tiff
  4. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: cash0012']How rude of me, Zhiv can I get you anything I'm sure dale wont mind sharing his beer Well if Dale has a beer going spare that would be nice......He's not home yet And it's Heineken mmmmm
  5. How rude of me, Zhiv can I get you anything I'm sure dale wont mind sharing his beer
  6. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: cash0012 wrote: Zhivvy'] Any excuse lol!! - woo hoo!!! Oh you know us all so well!!!*off to the kitchen to get a drink*
  7. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: jbarnych']I see you've been busy around here, Zhiv. Up over 40000 posts now. We'll have to drink to that and other things when I'm over. Any excuse lol!! - woo hoo!!!
  8. Zhiv you are in Discotheque forever 40000 . Are you tired of dancing yet???
  9. Wasn't the full moon last week??
  10. How could they think that you are pervs!!!
  11. Happy Slanaversary, where is my time machine!! And hey nice nipple MIck
  12. Only the best of friends tease each other, bread in the face oops sorry Zhiv . A Belgium welcome. I have a feeling there will be lots of laughs.
  13. Thanks Anjana and Mich LMAO!!
  14. [quote name='mick james wrote: danielsentana']So what's with all those mashups Mick? Listened to In God's Country, nicely done I love doing mashups mate! And have rocked many a party with the results lol Here you go bud.... Nice one Mick Love the onoB poster.
  15. [quote name='hnicolaidesk wrote: maggie18patchwork']Badgirl...... you will have to wait until I have finished in the "back room" I could be a while so enjoy a drink on me while you wait.... Maggie - for heaven's sake girl - come out for a breath of air... Badgirl is waiting... "You just can't get enough of that lovey dovey stuff.."..... Who can? I'm getting on the queue, number 3, anyone got a sharpie??
  16. [quote name='mich40 wrote: maggie18patchwork wrote: Anjana'] What's happened Maggie, you ok m'dear? The... picture, that.... picture, the one just above my head..... I can only say it's a good job Zhivvy is on holiday!!!! Are we sure his name isn't pronounced "Bone-O"? LMAO!!
  17. Well said Barbara. Just like to say I know how you feel. I just can't talk about it. I'm not a nurse but I work along side them in a childrens hospital. Kids are the bravest people.
  18. Hey Maggie must be just sad news in the paper. Looking at going to a Arcade Fire gig in september, tickets are tomorrow, pre sale today with no luck. I've never gone to see anyone else than U2. AF where brilliant in Moncton.
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