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  1. Thanks everyone! Since nothing has been announced I’m going to assume there isn’t one. Thanks!!
  2. Anyone know who the opening band for Toyko will be? Or when it might be announced? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks! Will they hold till December? I don't want them getting handed out with a slurpee.
  4. Hi! We got tickets for Tokyo, Said we were from the US, and it's telling us to pick them up at 7-11? I thought there was another option for overseas purchasers. We could not change the delivery option. Anyone know anything?
  5. Hey U2! I'm sure that you have heard how poorly the codes went, but I think there was a couple of other areas that caused some stress. Many fans like to plan trips and see multiple shows. 1. The ticket limits were super confusing, and frankly scary. I think all of us get ticket limits, but was it 2 for the member presale + 4 for Citi, and them how many in the regular? Or is that only if you didn't use your Citi card in the presale? 2. Post the ticket prices in advance. The were some fuzzy ranges, but if RedZone are $600 rather than $400 I need to think my strategy through. You don't really know until the first members presale, and that's tough to make plans around. Plus I'm scared if I get RedZone, but they are over my budget and I throw back, what if I don't get anything? 3. Additional shows. I know this is a tricky one. Shows aren't added till the first ones sell out. But some fans may use codes when they would have preferred better seats on an additional day. I bought Adele fan club tickets last year. They were through the now defunct SongKick. I think the servers were completely overwhelmed, but if you hung in you could get some great tickets. I had to pick them up at will call, but that was fine. I don't want to complain too much. My codes worked. It just felt like the entire process was more stressful than it needed to be. With that said, I am grateful for the U2 fan club and the moderators. I do appreciate the opportunity to get tickets early, and I loved that they gave out tickets to Trafalgar. Would be even better if they had tickets for the LA listening party!
  6. Morning! Anyone received a code for LA yet? I got the email yesterday but no code yet today.
  7. I got that as well. I only sell tickets when I can't go to a show to cover my costs, not to make a profit. Ticket karma. I have also seen on twitter that Stubhub has a map with which U2 locations resell for the highest amount. Its unbelievable. Real fans can't get tickets and they are showing how to take tickets out of fans for the purpose of making a profit.
  8. I actually just got my email. Yay! It's very similar to the U2.com resale one.
  9. The email I received after I registered for Citi said we should here from them the evening of Wednesday, Nov 15th with updates and tips. Anyone get this yet? Thanks!
  10. Hi! So excited the boys are coming back! Do we have any idea about ticket maximums? I have a u2.com subscription and a Citi card. Will I be eligible to buy 2 tickets in each presale for a total of 4? Thanks!
  11. Hi! Planning on coming down from SF for the show. I understand the curfew was held at 10pm, however, the train system seems to think it's an 11pm finish. Any information regarding this would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. I read it as well. It was in the official rules. I think that's why people were so excited, that's a good number of tickets
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