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    Only U2 &We?
    No, also books, football, running, nature, writing,
    beer, wine, food, fashion and a lot more.
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    That next album I can't wait for.
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    Rotterdam in the end 80ties.
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    360* Amsterdam
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    Zoo tv at Frankfurt an der Ode, it was a sort of musical.
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    I love them all!
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    The Waterboys and The Nits

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About Me

Underground Oldenzaal Town, 26-10-2017:

Congratualion U2 with The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour!

I had the opertynity to see this Tour in Amstedam but my holidy was planted. OK, the next album is in progress: 1-12-2017 (World Aids Day and my fathers die Day) Miss You old man. This time I will by the LP on vinyl and than starts the study on that Day. Can Bono come to Oldenzaal town to talk about that next masterpiece of Music? No, I?am only out of controle.

Love, Wishdom and Light my way to VertiGo or not Go.

Detlev Lassche better knowing as the Vertigo Hunter.

Miss You Sugar.

. .. ... .... 40! We? 

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