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  1. Try having them call u2.com customer service. They were able to help me out. My code was partially used and it was causing errors. Agent knew the problem and was able to resolve it.
  2. Just got GA for San Diego as well. Michelle at u2.com (who, btw is now one of my most favourite people) gave me a new code, but it sounds like things are working out for everyone. I'd say it was fun but.. Good luck everyone!
  3. Thank you! Your advocacy is appreciated. Hopefully it will get cleared up. My attention to detail today for my clients is not great
  4. Having the same problem as others, not able to access San Diego GA. Only showing RZ and other expensive options. First time I have ever had this problem (had already used two of my codes for Vancouver so I suspect that is the problem as it is for others. Trying to call Ticketmaster although I suspect that's not going to help me much.. *sigh*
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