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    walking my dog,who is my big baby,trying to keep fit with running and swimming,i have done the race for life 7 times and enjoyed it so much i can,t wait to do it again next year.i have also done afew charity pub quizes which is good fun and raises good money for charity.and of course i love listening to music,
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    i do have a soft spot for the unforgettable fire as it the first u2 album that i bought,
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    electrical storm,elevation live,
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    vertigo cardiff 2005,
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    innocence and experence tour london o2 .october 2015
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    so far i have only seen them twice so that has to be my best so far,can,t wait to see them again soon hopefully,
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    hard to choose between larry and bono.
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    Biffy clyro.the killers.Metallica.flogging Molly

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  1. 45 476, Evening all.i hope everyone is safe and well. I'm not good at the mo,yesterday (Thursday) We lost our beautiful dog,who we had for almost 10 years,we rescued him from a life of being mistreated ,he had been my best friend,my rock,I miss him so much.life will never be the same again.
  2. 45 464 afternoon all and happy Easter.hope everyone is safe and well.🙂🙂
  3. 45 358 Hi Padawanbeck84 glad to hear you are happy with football result,it must have been a good match.im not much of a football follower.
  4. 45 356 afternoon all,not been in for a while just been so busy with work and trying to sort home stuff so not had much free time Have a bit if a cold at the mo so not feeling 100% will be glad when it gets a bit lighter and warmer. Hope all is good with everyone. 🙂🙂
  5. 45 316, evening all,just having a chill day as back to work tomorrow but off again at the weekend. Hope everyone has had a good couple of days.
  6. 45 267.afternoon all on this Grey Saturday afternoon. But at least its a bit warmer than it has been all week. I am not feeling to good today, really sore throat and headache,hope I can get rid of it before next Friday as have a Christmas meal to go to. Hope everyone else is doing good
  7. 42 254.evening all on this very cold Sunday night Have been to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham, it was really good but quite expensive. But still worth a visit.
  8. 45 249 evening all on this cold Saturday,not been in much lately as been really busy with work and other stuff so not had much free time. Hope all is good with everyone.🙂🙂
  9. 45 206,afternoon all on this very cold,very wet Saturday. Hope all is good with everyone,I'm a bit flued up at the mo so not to good,and ended up getting soaked this morning which didn't help ,as went to go to town to go to the bank and my car wouldn't start so ended up walking there and back.
  10. 45 196 a big happy birthday to Larry and me,🎂🎂🍰🍰🎁🎁
  11. 45 192 afternoon all,not been around for a while,just been so busy with work plus work course work plus other stuffs so not had much free time. Hope all is good with everyone.🙂🙂
  12. 45 110 evening all on this very wet Friday night. Another busy week at work,glad it's Friday. Hope all is,good with everyone, my hospital appointment last Sunday went well,just got to wait to find out what,s next.
  13. 45 101 evening all,end of another week,time is going way to fast.its been another busy week at work, Hope all is good with everyone,I have to go for another hospital appointment on Sunday,I didn't know they had appointments on Sundays so it's,not going to be a very good weekend.
  14. 46 095.afternoon all and happy Saturday. Hope all is good with everyone, I've had 2 days holiday this week which has been nice,had an overnight stay in a 900 year old pub in Wales, but came home to some very disappointing news,I was going to Dublin for 4 days,in Octoberwith a friend but now he can't afford it so has had to cancel on me.was really looking forward to it but now no holiday for me again this year.
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