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  1. Foro Sol is such an awful place for a U2 concert! So sad they chose that place. Very cold and unintimate. You can't hear the crowd at all. The band was horrible disappointed. The worst U2 concert I've been to. I’m so depressed right now... this was not really a U2 concert in México, this was like seeing them in another place.
  2. Terrible idea that 19:00 hours start time. In a city this size, you cannot get there on time.
  3. At what time does U2 usually starts playing? I know it says 19:00 hours, but they have an opening act. I can’t leave Home until 18:00 hours, and I’m about an hour away from the venue. Will I miss something from U2? I don’t really care to see Gallagher and company. I haven’t followed the tour, so don’t know how long it will take for them to take the floor. And I must wait till 18:00 since the nanny is arriving at that time. Thanks in advanced for any reply.
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