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  1. Okay! So I might now have someone in Australia but I'll let you know if I need help there And for the item in Brazil is: "Go to Iguazu Falls holding an umbrella made from used aluminum cans and plastic utensils (forks, spoons, and knives)." Sounds weird but do you know anyone near there? Thanks!
  2. Hello! It's been a long long time since I've been on here (I know! I'm sorry!! I still love all of you!) but I thought I'd see if anyone is willing/able to help with an international scavenger hunt I'm participating in? I don't know where this post should go/if it's even allowed so I'm sorry in advance if I'm breaking rules! Let me know if you can help out
  3. Hi! I'm still alive!! Skated 55.4 kilometers in 6 hours And here are some pics: Starting point! This was a giant hill. And I went down it. Woooo! I didn't have a mustache on me. I did the best I could. The finish line Thank you guys again for all the support! If you have no idea what I was skating for, just come and ask. I'm not going to bite
  4. If anyone was still interested, I'm doing my skating thing for Haiti tomorrow. If you want to follow along or learn a bit more, check out my twitter for it or the actual facebook event. Thanks for all the support! You are all too cool
  5. Cranes are actually pretty awesome! Not too hard... But I still can't remember how to make one haha
  6. That sounds extremely unpleasant But, like zhivvy said, hang in there and it'll be sorted soon. And I'm sure it'll turn out beautiful
  7. The art of folding paper. Does anyone on here do origami? Because I have a sudden urge to learn how to do it! Even though I've been truly terrible at it in the past
  8. It's really not too bad! Then again, I deal with needles everyday... But once you get one, you want another one. I know I want another one! And I absolutely LOVE the tattoo
  9. 62723- Popping in to say hello Now I'm off to work!
  10. Heat of the Moment ~ Asia Oops! Just changed to Somebody to Love by the Bieber
  11. 62600- How did my post go up top? haha! Be back soon xxxx
  12. 62598- mmmmm bread! I'm doing good Actually about to bolt to return a film to the store. Then I'll be fantastic!
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