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  1. 62723- Popping in to say hello Now I'm off to work!
  2. Heat of the Moment ~ Asia Oops! Just changed to Somebody to Love by the Bieber
  3. 62600- How did my post go up top? haha! Be back soon xxxx
  4. 62598- mmmmm bread! I'm doing good Actually about to bolt to return a film to the store. Then I'll be fantastic!
  5. 62596- Carbs are so good! I mean. Bad. They're downright disgusting!! what's up Caz?
  6. 62593- Sounds delicious! I myself am enjoying some rice with soy sauce. Anybody else eating right now?
  7. 62588- I'm doing well, sue! Moved around a lot since I was last on, but it's been amazing And I'll do my best... I've missed all this!
  8. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...
  9. 62582- Hey zhivvy! It's nice to be back for a little while I'm getting all the U2 songs stuck in my head. All at once. It's a good feeling...
  10. 62579- I'm really terrible at keeping up with any form of forum. But I thought I'd pop in and say hey. Good luck with the contractors!
  11. 62577- Oh my! I leave for a while and the counting is still going
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